4 Feet+6 Pairs of Shoes+lick-able Foods=feet Fun!
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"Jayce and Jilly get messy in the floor with their feet, sweets and shoes!"

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Jayce and Jilly decide to get in the bare kitchen floor and pull out fruits, whipped cream and sweet oatmeal. Jilly is wearing panties and a bra while Jayce is wearing bright blue stretch pants and a red bra. Both girls are barefoot and they start off my using both their feet together to smush the fruit between their toes, in the bare floors, on each other's feet...pulling up their feet and showing off the mess They then bring out the whipped cream and mix it in with all the pretty colored, sweet fruit and start to to the same. Rubbing it in their feet, squishing the substance they created between their toes and it looks oh so yummy and lick-able!

Then the girls decide it is time to fill some shoes! Both girls have 3 pairs each. They include close toed heels, open toed heels, tennis shoes and open toe sandals...a wide variety of shoes! They fill the shoes with the mess and then pull out the sweet oatmeal to fill them even more! They fill the shoes up, try them on, pose in them and watch as the substance falls out the sides when they put their feet in and giggle with glee! Jilly has on stockings for one pair of shoes she tries on and they are see-through so you can see all the mess they are having a blast!

They end up just posing in their bare feet after a fun adventure in the kitchen floor with some very tasty foods that you just want to suck off their feet!
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"Nice vid!"
The Girls have their fun with squishing the messy substances with their feet and inside their different shoes. Maybe the bare feet part at the beginning could have been a little shorter. It seems that the girls have to hurry up a little in the 2nd half to mess all the shoes. But all in all a nice vid! :-) Maybe next time do some walking around the listen to the noise slurping sound of the squishy mess that comes out of the heels. ;-) An Cameraman, plz keep the camera also a little quieter. surgif, 1/14/13
"A must have for feet lovers!"
I absolutely love this video. i have a big foot fetish and this video definitely combines that and my love of mess. i wish i could have clean your feet after the video was over. wamfan22, 11/23/12
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