Pie Virgin Face Sat on and Eats My Pussy and Pie!
Starring the following model:
"I break in this pie virgin with more than pies..I sit on his face and cum!"

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Date added:12/03/16
Year produced:2016
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This pie virgin Bitch of mine gets more than just pies...he gets my ass in his face each time he gets pied and i get to grind my ass and pussy all in the pie! Not only that, i command that he worship my ass whilst doing so, I make him grab me, spank me, lick my ass, play with my ass hole, and I grind my ass and pussy all over his pie covered mouth, nose and chin! I decided to go completely nude with just some thigh high socks, while i made him wear long sleeves and pants because he was Not gonna get off...I Was! So, the first pie hit was the first he had Ever Taken, Ever! When we first started with me pieing him and sitting and grinding, commanding him to play with my ass in every way, he and I both had a few laughs but as pies went on, I could see he was starting to get hard and I was starting to get a lot more naughty ;) I kept hitting him with the pies and rushing to immediately plop my ass and pussy right on all the fresh pie on his face and grind myself on him...i could feel the crust and whip all over my clit and each time, each pie I gave him turned me on just giving him the pie and then, to top it off, feeling my ass and pussy on all that whip and his face really got me so fucking horny! Once we got about halfway through, the fun and games were over, I was smiling and really starting to get worked up. I had to hold my orgasm back a couple of times! The last few pies, I stood over him, playing with my clit and could not wait because I was so ready to cum. I delivered the last few pies and after each one I blasted on his face, I was grinding harder and harder. Moaning louder and louder...stroking my whole lower body to some kind of rhythm that I knew was going to make me cum Soon. He could feel I was getting close too...as the last 3 pies were delivered, i would ride the pie off his face and he started to put his fingers in my ass, rim my ass and grab me hard...I could not hold back...I had to give him that last pie and when I did, i rocked back and forth, swaying my hips back and forth, rubbing my clit all over all the mess with him and his fingers in my ass, eating out my pussy, and as soon as I had my orgasm, I had a pie ready and planted it right in my face! omg! IT Was Fucking Amazing! I highly recommend you just pretending this is you because I would Love to do this again sometime...and I just dont know if my little bitch will do...i may need you to help me out...but you gotta watch to find out how to get me off ;) love you all! xoxox -jayce
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"Awesome pie faced ass eating."
darkduck  1/3/18

Another very erotic video from Jayce.

Her pieing her bitch and getting him to grab, lick her ass is just wonderful. Jayce has a great body and as she does mention a couple of times an ass to worship. There was a moment where I thought Jayce had turned in to a "bop it-fetish" Grab it! Lick It! Hit it! ;-)

"One of Jayce's sexiest videos yet."
VegasWam  12/4/16

I'm not much for writing long, drawn out messages, but I have to say that this video was incredibly sexy.

Jayce gives very sensual performances, and knows how to bring her sexuality across on camera, and this video shows you that without question.

This was a fantastic video. Very sexy, very erotic, and definitely worth the money. If you like women pieing men, face sitting, or just a sexy woman dominating a guy, this is the video for you.

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