Pantyhose, Pies and Joi! Relax and Cum for Me!
Starring the following model:
"I know you have had a long day. Relax, watch me and cum on my face ;)"

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in this one, i have decided i want you to relax, sit back and get out that big cock and cum for me. Im in crotchless pantyhose, first hidden by my sweet little pale blue skater skirt, pale pink button up blouse, my sweet peep toe sandal type suade pink i talk to you about how hard i know the day has been and how i want to play for you, I start to strip down, taking off my shirt first, then lifting my skirt to show you my secret hosiery underneath that are crotchless that only me and you know about I talk about how excited I am to make you cum, to watch you jerk yourself off for me bc it really turns me on to watch a man get himself off. I have big, white fluffy pies with crust made of cool whip, syrup and marshmallow creme to make a super white and super sticky topping! I get all the way down to my crotchless white hosiery that have seam toe but glide all the way to the top the rest of the way with white hose and an awesome crotchless area that shows me off just right! I start to tease you and myself with big fluffy pies, all while showing off my hose covered feet for you, close to you, leaning back with my feet pointed, ballet feet, crinkled soles, showing my red nail polish through my hosiery and then pieing myself in the face with my feet still in your face with my toes pointed and im moaning from the sensations! I rub extra pie all over my tits and talk about you licking them off for me...

I pie myself again ON my tits and talk to you about the pie dripping to my pussy and you licking it off my body and to please continue to jerk your big hard cock for me bc i can see its standing at attention! I continue and I lay on my stomach with my feet up in the air behind me, and pie myself in the face, loving every second, loving seeing you stroke your cock harder for me every time I wam for you...

I bend over to show off my ass in my ass less tights and then give my ass a big cream pie and rub it all in for you, i turn around and start to touch on my pussy where im about to sit down, put my feet up close to you again and show them off and then bam! pie myself in the pussy for you. I want you to lick it up but you are busy and i want you to stay busy for me! I rub it in and moan about how bad i want you, how i wish you were there for me but im going to make you cum. I continue to pie myself, even wiping my face a little between each pie, I even stick my hose covered feet in a pie for you and show off my feet flat, pointed and every way possible. finally after i have coated myself in sticky white pies, i wipe my face down and lay down in front of you, feet showing, and I want you to cum for me so bad, i want you to stroke that big, hard cock so bad and cum all over my face and then you DO! dripping cum down my face i grab a pie and then give myself a big, sticky, dripping pie and breathe a sigh of relief bc you really turned me on! i love watching you!
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