Huge, Crazy Pours Filling the Tub W/ Dixie+jayce
Starring these models:
"Dixie Gets 8 Huge Buckets of Goo, Jayce comes to rescue her, both nude!"

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Total runtime:20 mins, 8 secs
Date added:12/08/17
Year produced:2017
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I had Dixie sit in, fully-clothed on the first filling of the tub of goo...this was heavy, sticky and even the most awesome OF wammers, ariel, has a hard time with this stuff...and Dixie got the most potent of the substance! She was heaving with each bucket of goo that seemed like it would never end going over her head! Ripples and ripples of goo on top of eachother streaming slowly down her head, over her face and down her body...Filling up the bucket and ruining her clothes...She keeps trying to catch her breath! She has to wipe her mouth just to catch a breath! Its so heavy, thick and sticky. She cant describe it! The buckets keep coming and she is just in awe of what is happening. Once she finally opens up her eyes...she cannot believe this crazy substance and she can hardly move in it, it is so thick and she is so tiny! She tries to get up and undress herself from her jeans, thick hoodie and t-shirt but she can barely lift them off her body bc they are SO heavy with this amazing substance. So, being the cool person i am, I decide, hell, I might as well get my clothes off and help her out! ;) plus, i wanted to get in there real bad anyway....So, i strip down and try to show her how we do things in this substance but she is completely, 100 percent mind blown over it! she cant believe the thick and sticky! So, i help her get out of the bucket while i pour a couple more bowls over my head bc im having a blast. She did too! She was just like "how DO you DO that?!" it actually was really fun for me to see how someone who has not done a ton of wam, would react to my "mystery substance" and we both laughed a lot and had a really good time. plus, her clothes were trashed! omgosh! so trashed! we could barely lift them! We end up nude and getting out of the tub its fun, funny and sexy all at the same time! heaving, breathing super heavy and not being able to explain this amazing new substance you are taking bucket after bucket and tub after tub of? it was kind of a turn on to me! ;) i loved it and she did too she talked about it for hours afterwards! 9.99 for a limited time only!
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