Incredibly Huge, Deep, Pool OF Mystery Substance
Starring these models:
"Sock, panty filling to nude, submerging, head dunks in this crazy substance"

File count:1
Total size:662.4 MB
Total runtime:34 mins, 38 secs
Date added:9/27/16
Scene ID:13745

There is really no great way to put this experience into words and completely be able to even grasp or capture what you really see here. In this scene we start off with a severely huge amount of my mystery substance. It is thick, sticky, completely encasing and beautiful all in a vat that holds about 50 gallons. It is a huge tupperware! Jilly starts off with me, with a Ton of feet play, substance in the socks, footsie, substance all over our bare feet, us rubbing it in between our toes and all over our soles and tops of feet. it was really awesome! I highly recommmend, and without running out of room on here for description sake, I am just gonna give you the rundown, let you see for yourself because this video is 40 minutes of non stop fun and then just plain sexy. I end up kicking Jilly out . I fill up two pair of knee high socks, beautifully after jilly and I have filled up ankle socks. I then get more daring and start to fill my panties. I have to tell you, this substance is so thick, so heavy, it was hard to even pull it up in a container to fill the panties! but, i did and it was beautiful. i picked The perfect panties to fill! they held the mess beautifully. the entire duration of the video i am in awe. I decide to ditch the panties and get in. I start off with slowly (cause that is really the only way you can get in this stuff!) and i show off what looks like me wearing a pair of lime green leggings, hugging my butt! it is amazing. From then on, I am head dunking any way I can. Head dunking with my ass facing you, showing off my pussy, dunking competely standing up with my ass up and then bouncing my ass and pussy in the substance, dunking facing you...and i dont stop...

Then i start to submerge. I show off a lot of feet on the sides showing off my completely covered and coated body, especially my pussy. I start to do my favorite thing and that is submerge. This substance, you slowly sink yourself under and you are having such a sensory deprovation, you dont even think about how fast you need to get up to get air. So, everytime I go under, you see me go under beautifully slow and I love to stay under as long as i can...but then my judgement gets the better of me to get some air but the substance is so thick you hit a small fraction of a second of panic because you cant get up for air fast enough. This led to the heavy breathing, panting and moaning throughout the rest of the video. as ariel would say "its a beautiful thing" it really is. Mere words cannot describe. I submerge too many times to count and then get up at the very end to show off my body. I get a bowl of the mystery substance I have made in rose pink and slowly pour it over my head. It is so thick, I heave, and I breathe so hard feeling the heavy come down over me slowly. You get to watch the two colors combine. it is by far one of the most beautiful and erotic experiences in my wam history.
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"Lovin' that hot green goo!"
WritesNaughtyReviews  2/25/16

I really wish I knew what this mystery substance was. It looks amazing. I love how she goes under over and over. She looks incredible going in every time, and watching the goo slowly flow over her when she comes back up is mesmerizing. If you like breath control at all, you'll absolutely love the gasps and little squeals. I think my favorite bitmight be when she first takes her panties off and gets ready to settle down properly into the goo, she turns around right before sitting down. The goo folds itself around her ass, and she playfully bobs up and down a couple of times. It's a beautiful moment.

"Beautiful submerging, Jayce!"
The Glorious SOB  10/21/15

I had fallen in lust once Jayce's face went under. Wow, was she in ecstasy when she dared stay under for over a 2nd! I fully admire Jayce's enthusiasm for submerging; she is the Wamfetishstar!

"Exceptional slime video"
mhalver  4/23/15

The tub of mystery substance is one of the most unique and incredible messes Jayce has ever been in. It has a strong resemblance to the little tubs of slime that many of us probably remember playing with as kids and coats incredibly. She starts out in bra and panties filling the panties and eventually ends up nude.

This is a long video with the excellent quality that we have come to expect from the house of mess. The only negative is that I've noticed a slight skip at about the 25 minute mark. This, however, does not detract from the video (others are not seeing this, so it may be due to my player configuration).

This video is highly recommended if you are a fan of Jayce and slime.

"Sticky icky icky nice again!"
ccmucky  4/9/15

Kept me entertained and engaged through the whole scene. Only thing I would have liked was that you kept your sox on. Thanks again for the premium work.

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