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"Extreme WAM at its best"
Sometimes, our champion mess mistress, when inspired and, I expect, sponsored will explore whole new levels of extreme WAM. Here, the chosen substance with which to abuse her body is new and wonderful. It is clearly cold, heavy, thick, smelly and a genuine challenge for her. She has to take a deep breath and prepare herself at each stage. But, as we know and love, Jayce relishes a challenge and gives her body a systematic and thorough treatment. Half way through she strips to change from a lovely lady with long legs and heaving bosom to a naked sex goddess but this is simply to allow more extreme body abuse with the yellow gunge. She works her way through all known WAM posing moves from head dunking to lying on her back, face up, full coverage. Her head is repeatedly reduced to a shiny blob. It is for times like this that the word 'awesome; was invented. This is awesome. Thank you, Jayce. Splosh Lover, 16 days ago
"She's doing it again"
This is stupid. Ye gods, up there on Mount Olympus who have given me this life, this body, this brain, this fetish have clearly got it wrong. Here we have Jayce, the most beautiful body on the planet, the most stunning creature that ever lived, completely naked and here I am getting all excited because she is totally covered in foam. Given a pile of stuff, she takes a deep breath and goes face first down into it emerging completely engulfed in a thick layer. She is not recognizable as a person, let alone the most beautiful woman on the planet. And I get turned on something rotten. The reason is clear. She gets the basics right. Basically because she enjoys doing it but she is just very good at turning me on by getting very messy. My little brain cells get switched on. She is just really very good at it. More. More. Please. Splosh Lover, 24 days ago
"Ever more creative"
The very beautiful Jayce has dedicated herself to pushing back the frontiers of WAM. To always seek new ways of submitting herself to ever more creative, ever more crazy, ever more extreme ways of getting messy. Here, after a wise investment of really quite a lot of rope and with the help of her cameraman she is stripped naked, tightly bound to restrict almost all freedom of movement, taped to restrict her breathing and finally decorated with copious amounts of mess. It's brilliant. With that amount of rope, quite frankly, when she descends into bondage, then she's gonna stay there for a while. And the mains powered, industrial strength vibrator does seem like quite a good toy. In the piece to camera in the shower afterwards, she puts out a request for us fans to suggest ways in which she can be even more crazy in the next one. Do you know, I think she has started something big here. Thank you, Jayce. Splosh Lover, 4/20/19
"Very good shampoo video!"
Jayce has also done more job than our expectations!

It's so cute and erotic that she enjoys masturbation while lathering her wonderful body with shampoo bubbles!

If you're her fan, I think there is no loss in purchasing it. I strongly recommend this. JPWam, 3/31/19
"What A mess!"
You know when you see some slime, and it looks almost "too slimy" to mess with, well this is what this slime is! Its super, super thick and very very gooey! Almost like millionaires slime.

I love this movie. Both Dixie and Jayce show us very well just how the slime gets everywhere. Seeing it fill the swimsuits up as it trickles down is mouth waveringly sexy! Again, this just shows how hard Jayce (And the others) work to give us preimium WAM content! ItsJay, 3/10/19
"Setting new limits"
So the question is as to how far Ariel and Jayce would go in exhibiting their naked bodies and getting them messy. Well, I have to report, that we still don't know. I don't think they have any limits This video was, presumably, limited by how much paint they could get on the truck. Also how wet they could get in the shower afterwards. If you ever want to simply stare at beautiful women getting messy and wet, then it doesn't get any better than this. Splosh Lover, 2/24/19
"A Perfect Substance"
Jayce, wearing a tight mini skirt, no nickers, takes her top off. Now that is an excellent start to any movie, especially a HoM WAM movie. She is trying out a new (I think) substance chocolate sauce. It's a real winner. It is thick, gloopy, shiny, heavy and cold. A perfect stuff to spread over her naked body. Perfect. Add in some insertions, into her mouth and into her pussy all shown in particularly fine close up. If you insert it then she will come.

But the star of the show is Jayce, naked and engulfed in the chocolate sauce. Covered as only she can do. Poured slowly, thickly all over. I tell you, I couldn't take my eyes of her. I just stared. The sight was absorbed into my brain. Thank you Jayce. You're a star. Keep up the good work. I tell you, if you keep it up then, err, so shall I. Splosh Lover, 2/23/19
This is a must-buy movie. Just look at the chocolate picture stills. Hell, even my wife couldn't take her eyes off them. I'd argue that if you were filling a time capsule to be buried for a thousand years and you wanted to explain WAM, this picture would do it. The video--you want to see that body moving with all the thick chocolate? Writhing around? So buy it. I also liked that once she started putting on and pouring the chocolate, she didn't drag it out. You know those videos where it's a dab here and a dab there and the movie is almost over? This gives her more time to seduce the viewer, and get--well, I'm too much of a gentleman to mention any insertions into orifices. anymess, 2/21/19
"If you love mehron, this video can't be missed!"
Two girls with amazing personalities painting themselves gold. What's there not to love? Videos like this prove that wam is all the more exciting when it star people you'd love to just hang around with in real life. I've been a fan of Jayce for ages, but Dixie is just as great, and I'm looking forward to purchasing more of her videos. Mightymud, 2/21/19
"It was about time!"
Jacye has poured so many substances on herself that wouldn't even dream of touching, but somehow she had yet to get around to purchasing some of those amazing 50 gallon buckets of fluff. Well, the wait is over, and boy does it deliver. Every second of it is pure bliss, and it makes me long for the day when I have my own place and the money to try this myself! Mightymud, 2/21/19
"Dixie abandons herself to her art"
It is now confirmed, as if confirmation were need, that Dixie is a fully fledged, card carrying, paid up member of the House of Mess staff. She will do anything with a total jfdi (just do it) commitment to the art of the mess. As she is slowly but methodically transformed from a beautiful naked woman to a white blob we learn that there is clearly no end to how far she will go. After initially coating herself and head dunking, she, very wisely, allows the boss to decide if any further treatment is required and it will come as no surprise to learn that the result is complete, sensory deprivation, barely able to breath, reduced to a white shape. I tell you, she’s a game girl. Total commitment as she abandons herself to her art. Brilliant. I love it. As a nice little addendum, a bonus, an extra, Jayce joins in and we find out what she is wearing under that frock which is nice. Splosh Lover, 2/9/19
"Very sexy"
You learn something every day. Now I already knew that Dixie was very pretty and fun to be around. Recently, in a video on drenchmegirls, I found out how good she is at throwing herself into a swimming pool (she's good). Here I found out how beautiful she is when completely naked and especially when painted golden.

Dixie has a beautiful body. Nice breasts--standard handful sized, firm, nice shape. Nice figure. Fit, tight. In this modern day and age, it's brilliant to be allowed, even encouraged to stare at a body like that. Thank you, Dixie.

That is not to take anything away from Jayce the boss, maestro, teacher. Several times in the past, I've watched a video for the WAM content and ended up being mesmerized by Jayce, naked. Here, I do like the way she takes care to get a perfectly painted pussy. Detail is everything, you see.

Of course, nobody is naked here. Dixie starts off wearing a necklace and Jayce a bracelet and they both end up covered in golden paint. Somehow that just makes them look even more naked and certainly even more sexy.

This is erotic fantasy brought to life. More, more. Splosh Lover, 1/30/19
"Dixie is a natural"
Hey. Dixie is a natural in the water. I knew she was very pretty nice ass, fun to be around that sort of thing. But I now know that she is simply superb at getting wet. Clearly very comfortable submerging, diving, breath holding. The pool not being deep enough for conventional diving, encourages variety in ways of entering the water. Dixie is a natural at it. From jumping in we get sitting on the edge and toppling in head first. Then repeating backwards. Deliberately and repeatedly switching between showing of her wet clothing (denim is always good when wet) and submerging to get even wetter. She just loves going under. She loves putting on a show. Excellent. Completely excellent. More. More. Splosh Lover, 1/29/19
"Jayce the Experimental Chemist"
This is Jayce the alchemist. Experimenting in the privacy of her own laboratory to create new materials, new substances to be used to engulf a woman's body for artistic, sexual and general entertainment purposes.

Jayce has created two new substances previously unknown to science. Both are thick gloopy, glutinous stuff. This is, after all, Jayce and House of Mess so she is never going to create a thin single cream and these are well up to her thickest standard.

What we see is Jayce, surrendering, abandoning her body to science, to perform practical experiments and tests as only she can. All over. Head first. From the top down. Thoroughly. Very thoroughly all over. Presumably they are not poisonous.

The results are excellent. Both are perfect for encasing all parts of her head and body, depriving her of sight, sound and air to breath. Both turn her on. Both work for me too. Tick tick tick

What an excellent start to the year. Things are looking very messy for the year ahead. Keep up the good work, boss. Splosh Lover, 1/20/19
"Gorgeous girls getting gunged. Great."
There is advice that a nice young lady should be given when growing up. Such as 'keep your knickers on' and 'never gamble on cards'. Then maybe later other advice such as 'try everything once except incest and Morris dancing'. We can only imagine the path that led Naomi to House of Mess.

But anyway, after her pre-Christmas encounter with custard pies and vibrators, that path leads here and to playing games with Jayce.

There are a couple of points that mark this as a HoM video. The first is that fairly early on, both Jayce and Naomi get completely naked which is how we find out that neither girl was wearing anything under their dresses. I find that really quite sexy. They both have stunning, tight, fit bodies which, of course, we already knew, but any excuse to confirm it and to admire them is always welcome.

The second HoM point is that, when they pour mess over each other, they start at the head, particularly the upturned face and let it cascade downwards. Their heads are repeatedly engulfed in gunge. That works for me. Yep. Works for me. We knew that Jayce is the best but I tell you, Naomi is really very good at this sort of thing. I love it. More, more please. Splosh Lover, 1/12/19
"Awesome video worth getting"
Love the video I love how ariel completely trashed jayce all while she kept her outfit on. I love the cake sitting and the panty flashing too. flyboy, 12/30/18
"Swimsuit Booty Shaking Excellence"
Definitely the best messy swimsuit vid I've seen. The girls love all the mess and have soo much fun filling each other up, sliding around, and booty shaking it all over. Fantastic scene, super sexy and definitely worth buying. Disco Gunge, 12/29/18
"Sexy salor girl in marshmallow cream!"
This video can enjoy very sexy schoolgirl Jayce is showing off a lovely salor costume cosplay and erotic gorgeous body covered in pink marshmallow.

Both of her are very attractive and excited!

Please take a look! JPWam, 12/29/18
"White Christmas gift from messy angel!"
This is a wonderful video that you can share a very happy mood when you see Jayce enjoys it very cute & sexy in the white chunk!

Now, let's enjoy exiting Christmas gifts from Jayce! JPWam, 12/29/18
"Sticky and fluffy mess"
This video is really good. The way she is covered with the marshmallow goo and how playful and seductive she was. The fact that she plays with herself in this gooey situation surely will get others happy to watch. I definitley recommend this to you and those who love Jayce being in similar situations. rick, 12/25/18
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