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"Dixie Does not hold back"
xuron86  7 days ago

If Scarlett was counting on some sympathy from Dixie it doesn't look like she got any. She gets completely covered while very clearly expressing her thoughts on what she is being covered in but none the less she takes it like a champ. Her reactions are priceless and the banter throughout the video is light hearted to humorous. If you enjoy savory scenes or any of the other savory madness videos this video will be a no brainier.

"Jayce destroys helpless "victim" Ariel in a very sexy scene"
mhalver  15 days ago

This is another incredibly sexy video from the House Of Mess. Jayce does a wonderful job of messing up Ariel, who, although she tries to play the helpless victim, it is obvious that she is very much a willing victim. She does a great job of playing up for the camera and gives a performance ranging from very sexy to adorably cute.

It almost seems pointless to comment on the quality of a video from the House Of Mess, as they are almost all top notch, and this one follows the trend. The video is sharp and well framed throughout, starting out from a wide angled view and moving in close near the end.

Fans of Ariel, and of seeing her messed up by Jayce, will certainly welcome this one in their collection.

"Sexy Country Girl"
acesandeights  20 days ago

Really cute and sexy early Jayce video. Adorable Kentucky country girl Jayce wants to go muddin, but it is way too cold outside. Jayce has a plan. She will gunge herself indoors. Dressed in pink mini skirt, plaid button down shirt and straw cowboy hat, under those are sexy lace undies. She has fun making a complete sexy mess of herself. Making sure we get to see her great ass along the way. You will not be disappointed.

"A very fun video."
acesandeights  20 days ago

This is a fun video with Dixie and Jayce. Both girls have lots of fun trashing each other. Both Dixie and Jayce's asses look great in their skin light leggings. They make a real mess of each other. Light hearted and fun.

"A Must Buy For Pie Fans"
acesandeights  22 days ago

This has to be one of the best pie videos ever produced. Jayce and Ariel are just fantastic as super sexy pie sluts. So many super sloppy pies to the face, tits, pussy, and ass. Talking about total coverage and then some. Loved the suggestive language. Pie fans really need to buy this video. It is awesome. Jayce and Ariel are the queens of wam.

"Great sexy slapstick"
acesandeights  22 days ago

Jayce and Ariel in their element. Ariel fools Jayce into thinking she has drowned in the mud pit by placing her high heels upside down in the pit. What follows is really just Jayce and Ariel at their best. Lots of sexy trash talking. Great faceplants, clothes tearing, naked wrestling in mud. These girls really know how to do sexy slapstick. Worth getting to add to your Jayce and Ariel collection.

"One of my favorite chocolate movies ever made."
ItsJay  7/13/18

Wow, wow, wow!

i love this movie. This is one of the reason I love Ariels Wambabes and Jayces house of mess. Two stunning women, in sexu underwear, getting messy in chocolate. What more do you want?

You can hear every single squidge and squelch in the chocolate. They make sure it gets everywhere. They make sure their hair is covered in it, they rub it all over watch other, its awesome. If you love sexy women, chocolate, wambabes, house of mess, Jayce and Ariel, then you will love this movie.

I hope these two awesome women stay with us in this community for a long time.

"Great scene in a new genre of WAM"
sploshcouple  7/12/18

I'm so glad you are moving forward with this genre. I love it. Hopefully many more like this to come. The possibilities are endless on this new twist. POV is not just for joi anymore! Congrats and great job.

"A Must Own for Foam Fans!"
Regal5150  6/19/18

How do I begin? This video is both a funny and sexy session with the WAM pro know as Jayce introducing the lovely novice Nikko to shaving cream. I like how genuine and unfiltered this is. The hilarity with Jayce's bikini making and Nikko's reactions adds to the fun and entertainment of it all. You can't script stuff like that. This is just pure, on the go fun! I'm sure I can go on and on about every little detail in this clip but the video speaks for itself. If you are a long time fan of Jayce, buy this video. If you are like me, make this one of the first WAM videos you buy. I promise you will not be disappointed :)

"The best cakes ever!"
ItsJay  6/19/18

This is another fantastic scene from Jayce and Ariel. This is a great concept where the viewer is part of the session. Rather than just talking to the camera, we get involved. We get pied and it feels like we are actually part of the session. They pie the camera but doing it in a way where it looks like its us in first person.

I am not sure what it is, but there is a fantastic cake sit at 07:33. Just watch how that cake oozes and listen to the squishing sound it makes. Jayce. If you ever read this, please tell us how you made those cakes, and please use more of them!

messywatcher611  6/3/18

Dixie sitting in all that cake batter is really awesome! And her head dunking over and over again then getting dunked by Jayce, the queen of head dunking, omg! And then Jayce getting in and head dunking! Idk what else to say besides wow!

"White princess!"
Jpwam  5/28/18

Jayce wearing cute costumes will change into foam and lotion costumes, that costume suits her very well, it looks like a foamy princess!

I am very happy to see her very very sexy figure!

"Excelent foamy video!"
Jpwam  5/28/18

Lovely Angels Ariel and Jayce enjoy and play with an unprecedented amount of bubbles in the past, The two sexy angels buried in foam are so beautiful, godly and lovely!

I honor her who made this wonderful video.

"Foamy fairlies!"
Jpwam  5/28/18

Very beautiful girls Jayce and Nikko playing with a lot of shaving foam, it seems like a very innocent and cute fairies!

I want to see them forever! I strongly recommend this video!

"The most paint I have ever seen used in a movie!"
ItsJay  5/18/18

This proves both Jayce and Ariel are getting better with experience. This is the type of movie that made me fall in love with WAM. Its fun, experimental and messy! Both Ariel and Jayce love it. If you have to buy one WAM movie this month, buy this one. The shower scene is awesome. These women must get though a lot of soap!

"Great bubbly video!"
Jpwam  5/18/18

This is a very sexy video where Jayce plays with bubbles and shampoo.

Jayce is very cute and sexy when is covered in foam,This is strongly recommended for people who like bubbles and Jayce.

"Jayce and Ariel in a pool of paint together, need I say more?"
hooter  4/27/18

Jayce and Ariel do not disappoint in this latest romp. These two lovely ladies could make Bob Ross jealous with the copious amount of paint used. One can only imagine the hours if not days of clean up. I for one just wonder what it would of been like to get caught up in the middle of all that too. It is truly hard to pick one piece that stood out due to the fact there isn't a dull moment. Whether you enjoy metallic or bright neon they got it covered. ;) (pun intended). My verdict is highly recommended!

ItsJay  4/19/18

I have waited to see Kaydens return for a while, and as soon as this video started, it was like she was never gone. Both models have such a great time, and there are giggles all though the movie. A really good cheeky movie!

"Naughty Nutella."
ItsJay  4/19/18

It seems to be rare to see Nutella, peanut butter and cake batter used in videos these days, so it was a treat to see this movie pop up. The mix of the Nutella and the peanut butter is amazing. It looks so gooey and looks like it feels smooth as silk. The head dunking is amazing as well.

"She is so cute!"
ItsJay  4/5/18

Nikko is someone I already want to see again on the UMD! She clearly enjoys getting messy and does it all with a smile. This slime is very slimy stuff. The container she sits in keeps it all together, and the slime gets everywhere!

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