Jayce "How To" Messy, Joi, Strip and Make U Cum!
Starring the following model:
"Jayce's how to trash clothes, jerk it for her and let her finish you ;)"

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Date added:2/03/17
Year produced:2016
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In this video, i dressed up in a sweet little summer dress, hosiery, heels, a cardigan and my fave glasses with jewelry. I have tons of custard and syrup and my fave dildo at the time to show you how I want you to jerk it for me and then show you how I am going to suck your dick and make you cum for me! I start off filling my shoes with custard, feeling them filled makes me squeal! I take big handfuls of the cold custard and instruct you on how you are going to trash your jeans as I trash my hosiery, how you are going to fill your jeans, as i fill my panties and hosiery, how you are going to feel the cold custard from the outside of your pants...as i rub my pussy and feel the cold custard all over me, making me insanely horny for you. I then work my way up by pouring custard all over my sweet little sweater, instructing you to do the same and to rub it all over your big chest, feeling the cold soak through your clothes, like I am. I instruct you to keep soaking your clothes with the custard until your shirt is heavy with it and you can rub your whole outfit with custard all over it, as i massage my tits, my pussy and my whole body, and asking you to do the same with me...

I then tell you to take the big industrial sized syrup and while taking my hair down and removing my glasses, I want you to pour it all over your head from above, which i do with you too...I tell you to rub it all in with the custard, all over your body, to rub your dick through your pants, as i rub all over myself as well. By this time, our clothes are totally ruined so I feel like its time we get out of them...I slowly strip down to my almost see-through white panties (still covered in custard) and I ask you to do the same for more filling later I pull out my dildo and suction cup it right in front of me and instruct you to grab a big handful of custard and start to masturbate. I show you exactly how I want you to do it. How i want you to grab it, how i want you to wrap your hands around it hard at the top and work your way down, how i want you to grab the bottom tight when you get there...then i tell you how horny this makes me for you and how bad i want you to cum for me. I instruct you to grab more industrial syrup as i do, and i pour it over me while still jerking your dick.

I then get so horny, i pour more custard and then lean down and take your dick, deep throat and continue to jerk you off. I pour more syrup on your hard cock and move you to the side of me where i deep throat your throbbing hard cock and jerk your cock hard until you finally cum in my mouth and i swallow all of you, while I am making myself cum as well, playing with my clit ;)
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