Wake N Bake! Good Morning with Slime and Pies!
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"Jayce really does wake up, mix up, mess up her sexy jammies, nude"

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So, on this particular morning, I wake up and I wanna get messy! This is realistically what i wore to bed, last nights make up, still have glasses on, in my underwear, t-shirt and my warm comfy socks i love to wear to bed! I get everything mixed and ready to go and set up the camera and just get messy in no form or fashion! I mess up my gorgeous white socks first, they are my absolute fave, by dipping them in neon colored, thick, sticky slime. Rubbing my feet together, feeling the slime make them super heavy and even more slouchy. I talk to you the whole time

I head dunk in the super thick green slime over and over, breathing heavily as I come up...I sit on a big, huge, fluffy pie i topped off with whipped topping before and bend over to show off my ass, messy socks and then decide to use the rest of the whipped cream to fill my panties up Full and then rub it all around my pussy. I fill up my socks to make them even heavier and slouchy. I decide the green needs a touch of pie so I pie myself in the face and wow! these pies were so sloppy and so drippy but stuck to my face so awesome! I trash my black shirt with neon pink and neon green slime, making it hang off me and i rub my tits (no bra on) and show how the slime makes the shirt cling to me...

then i take it off wring it out all over my socks and grab the neon orange bucket and head dunk over and over, topless...breathing hard and looooving it. loving the feeling of the thick goo around me, deafening me. I lift my legs and give myself a nice ass and pussy pie and then lay back and pour the orange goo all over me as i am laying back. covering my head to my pussy and rubbing it all in. Then i take more whipped cream and make a design for you to lick from my pussy to the top I roll around in the mess, rubbing the whipped cream into the mess all over me, rolling over into the mess and just taking my time, having the house to myself, just loving every second. I decide i need another pie to the face, and i do, splattering it everywhere, it running down my body. I tease you about taking off my panties but i have this bucket of neon purple goo! what shall i do? i pour it over my head and let it run down me. I show off my hair and how incredibly thick and amazing it looks all throughout the video as it gets thicker with mess. now, it is even thicker! I finally take off my panties while laying down, looking up at you, and i cant help but pick up all this mess adn bend over in front of you, showing my ass and pussy and taking all this mess and putting more all over my body, bent over just for you. I am rubbing it all over me I play with my tits, my pussy and just have a good time! it was easy going, amazingly fun and funny, turned sexy good time! just me, a camera and a morning alone to get messy! I end up doing an encore for you too, after i cut i just couldn't get enough! it was a beautiful release! running time: 34 mins
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"Jayce has hot messy morning"
Jayce is getting messy with pies, whipped cream and slime. She has black shirt, panties and socks. First she covers her socks and panties with whipped cream then she starts to cover her face and body with pies and slime. Slime looks very good and its not too thick. She takes then her shirt off revealing her great big tits. She then covers them with more slime. At one point she takes her panties off so she is naked. She loves this slime and so does the viewer. At the end Jayce does encore wich was very nice. This video was very sexy. I recommend this to Jayce fans and all slime fans its really good. Desamo, 10/29/17
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"A great morning messing with Jayce"
This is a another great mess from Jayce. She starts off in a t-shirt, panties, and socks and gets messy in slime, whipped cream, and pies. The mess looks great in this. She stays dressed in this outfit for about the first half of the video before removing her top, and finishes fully nude. Both fans of clothed wam and fans of nude wam will find something to enjoy in this. The video quality is excellent as most videos in the store are and in high definition (720p not full 1080). The video is shot with a stationary camera, but is well framed to capture the action. Jayce does a great job of staying within frame and at times moves closer to the camera (some stationary camera videos have the problem of the performer moving close to the edges or off frame--none of that is a problem here). I experienced an audio sync problem during part of the video, but it does correct itself eventually. It isn't enough to take away from the excellence of the video. Fans of Jayce, or the type of mess featured in this video, will love this one. It is well worth the purchase, and, at the time I bought it, a bargain at the price it is. mhalver, 10/17/15
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