Sexy Savory Madness! Nikko's 1st Savory Slam Glam
Starring these models:
"Huge Industrial Sized Savory used on Glammed up Nikko! Does she make it?"

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Total size:915.79 MB
Runtime:16 mins, 30 secs
Scene ID:27275

Nikko is all glammed up and ready for over 15 industrial sized tubs of all kinds OF savory condiments and foods! Does she rise up to the challenge? Nikko saw all the other new girls who did the savory challenge and asked "well why hasnt anyone asked me to do that?" i was like " sure i can post that you said that and someone may want you to...possibly" sure as shit, here comes a good friend of mine and he wants to put Nikko's money where her mouth do I! So, we come up with a fucking amazing variety of awesome stuff to fuck her up with! Trying to break her! You have to watch this amazing variety of horribly smelly foods being poured on her beautiful, clingy and sparkling dress and adorable thigh she almost cackles laughing at this mess but not without pure shock to start off with! "oh my god! its SO chunky! why IS IT SO cold?! what in the fuck is that" followed by a giggle/cackle i cant even explain that only Nikko can pull off. Since she is ruining her dress (bc shes rubbing the mess into IT!) We decide to take it off to reveal her super hot white corset, pushing her tits up, adorable pink and black panties and her sexy thigh highs and we proceed to keep going with the mess. Everything she has an initial shock of how it feels, smells, typically a squeal and then laughing so hard bc she cannot believe that she is actually having this poured all over her in such a nice outfit and that she is in here, at all! She asked for it though! As the scene goes on...and we get to around 7 done, she asks if there is more! what the hell?! we didnt break her! She still is getting shocked by each huge condiment on her but i think she was loving the anticipation of it all and then the shock. Living for each moment of rush that was coming to her! Once i finally get everything on her, there is mess all around her in this little tupperware bin i have sat her in...she is sitting on a stool and i start to ask her questions about her experience. I let her know that a true wammer would ditch the stool and get in that tupperware full of nasty! What does she do? she does it! totally off the cuff, i just made this up (not part of the custom) and she actually does it and then proceeds to sit in there and pour more mess over herself while she answers more of my questions! she is totally trashed and smells like a fucking dumpster...and is having a blast. I tried to break her, guys! I thought I almost did but nope. You will love these reactions. they are gold! list OF ingredients:




tomato paste

2 nacho cheese

blue cheese

ranch dressing

chunky chili

pork and beans

thousand island dressing

chunk sausage gravy

creamed corn

relish (straight UP) bbq sauce.
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