Teaching Dixie to Mess Hosiery and Orgasm in Mess
Starring these models:
"Teach Dixie to Trash Dress and Hosiery and Masturbate in just Hosiery!"

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Total size:754.2 MB
Total runtime:35 mins, 9 secs
Date added:11/02/17
Year produced:2017
Scene ID:25107
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We trash our gorgeous dresses and fill our fantastic pantyhose, trash them and then i show Dixie how to Orgasm in Messy Pantyhose! We cake sit, Pie eachother, rub our legs together, get our hose covered feet covered in mess and play in the mess with our feet A lot. We fill our pantyhose up with syrups, cake, pies, whipped cream and I get sexy on Dixie, giving her a little lapdance here adn there feeling her fantastic legs all over my body, covered in hosiery and mess! I climb up on the table to sit in cake and show her how, she climbs up and i pie her beautiful, shining, hosiery covered ass and then pour syrup all over her nice round ass! i lick cream off her ass and play around with her while i start to strip down to nothing but my hosiery...we play more and more till we are such big messes! We pie eachother in the face, pour syrup all over eachother and rub our messy feet together and rub our legs all over eachother, feeling the cool mess against the silky pantyhose! we are loving it and i am getting turned on! i am loving all this mess and the fact i am popping her pantyhose filling cherry! she looks awesome so, after we fully mess up our clothes and pantyhose, i then decide to ask dixie to leave the table and watch, so i can show her how we really have some fun with mess and hosiery! I show her to pie her pussy under her hose, grab some cake and stuff it down there adn add some syrup and then i show her how to masturbate under her pantyhose. i am so turned on by the food, the hosiery and someone watching that i play with my clit and finger myself under my hose for her to watch while i tell her how everything feels...and bam! i reach my fantastic orgasm! I ask her what she thinks and she is walking to the shower by this time and she says she digs it...i think she was going to "cool off" her jaw was dropped the whole time watching me! ;) she loved it! Such a long video with so much playing, its hard to even use enough caps wihout doing too many so, get it! watch it all! enjoy like we did!
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