A Jayce and Jilly Valentine's Part I
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"The girls get ultra messy and glammed up for their 2nd Valentine's vid!"

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Date added:12/27/16
Year produced:2012
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How could we possibly begin to thank you all for a year of love and support from our favorite UMD friends? With a two-part Valentine's Day set of videos! This is part 1, our personal favorite, and we do it all! Icing, pies, sprinkles, batter, cake sandwiches, cake sitting, foot massage, icing facials, icing massage, spraying Jayce with fizzy grape juice (hehe) surprise sliming, a surprise pie sandwich (darn you, Jayce!) panty filling with everything from M&Ms, cupcakes, and batter, cupcake "pasties," and so much more! Filmed with my new, ultra-clear, ultra-HD camera you can see the attention to detail down to every tiny little sprinkle placed upon us. It was so much fun and we got some of the cutest lingerie we could find. Jayce wearing a hot pink little lace number with leopard print bra and g-string underneath, and Jilly wearing a baby pink itty bitty teddy with a sparkly black bra underneath, hot opaque black thigh-highs, and her favorite black patent-leather high heels (yes, I'm talking in the third person, sorry! haha) We got all glammed up for the set just for you guys and though there was one little camera hiccup at the very beginning (sorry, I didn't realize I was taller with my heels on!) that's it, but I want everything perfect for you guys! ^_^ I know you're going to love it.

On a personal note, we want to thank you all for everything you do for us. This past year our lives have been better than ever and a lot of it has to do with UMD. We're happier, we have more fun, and we couldn't ask for a better way to make a living. You all make it possible for us to do something we love on a daily basis, so "thanks" will never totally suffice. We love you, we love all of the sweet messages, letters, and gifts we receive, and we'll continue to surprise you all and put a lot of work into what we do just for you. I speak for Jayce and myself when I say all of this because I know she completely agrees. You all are the absolute best. You make our hearts super happy! ^_^ Love always, Jilly.
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"A couple of sticky, messy, playful sweethearts!"
wamwright  2/18/13

This video is a non-stop romp with the kind of energy and chemistry that you can only get from a pair of sister besties like Jayce and Jilly. They start out all nice and sweet, giving each other icing massages and decorating each other with sprinkles. But soon come the surprise attacks of pie sandwich and gunging. By the end, both girls are covered in many layers of sweet, lickable, WAM. I loved the "reverse bra" on both girls. The white frosting makes Jilly's creamy pale skin look... well, less pale :) Jayce seems to spend a lot of time with her back to the camera. That's a good thing, because her ass looks sensational in that thong and pink lacy top. C'mon, just lean over a liiittle more. That's it! I love front-facing Jayce too. She's so cute in her cupcake pasties [TM]. The HD video is as sharp as it gets. The sprinkles really pop, even the white pearls on white frosting. These girls put a lot of love into all of their UMD efforts, but this video is special Valentine to their devoted fans and newcomers alike. Back at ya girls. We love you too!

"A Little Bit of Everything... With Some Sprinkles on Top!"
Zeppo1935  2/15/13

Jayce and Jilly have a great time in this candy-colored good time! There's some nice chocolate caking, gunging, and candy-throwing, but the real highlight to me is the frosting! Jilly is coated with white buttercream frosting while still keeping her lipstick and eyelashes intact! The effect is something truly original. She looks like a Marzipan Marilyn Monroe! I've never seen anything like it!

"A sweet valentine present that leaves your tongue hanging out!"
Larry M  2/12/13

As I expected the girls went to great detail to create a very sweet valentine's present to the UMD. They laughed and giggled as they applied icing, batter, cakes, pies and to top every thing off lots of multicolored sprinkles-certainly a trade mark of Jilly and now also of Jayce. They turned there bodies into a valentines treat that everyone would enjoy tasting the sweets on their body's and holding them close while you rollled around on the floor and transfered some of that stick sweet mess onto your own body. What a senual experience that would be, and great imaged to dream about. This was colorful, sensual and funny and you just wanted to be there with them!

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