Jayce's Complete, Thick Body Coverage with Icing
Starring the following model:
"Jayce mixes icing and a touch of fluff to cover her entire body in grey!"

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Runtime:15 mins, 12 secs
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Jayce starts off nude with nothing but her bucket, hair down and up against the wall. She explains what she is about to do and shows off what she has used. She used a tool hooked to a drill to mix a little bit of fluff in her icing to make it extra thick and sticky to coat her entire body with! She wanted to make it black but it turned into a grey color that was beautiful. Jayce decided to roll with it She uses her tool she has detached from the drill to first slowly bring the mixture to her body, starting with her stomach and chest first, playing with the tool in a sensual way She uses it to grab out the mixture and plop it over her face and hair and the rest of the front of her while she rubs it into her body...she leaves her pussy clean and saves it for last Jayce makes sure to get every nook and cranny as she turns around and pays special attention to her feet, her ass, her pussy and ass, her back and all down her thighs. She moans with delight as she rubs it in, explaining exactly how the icing feels as it gets thicker on her body. She keep you informed the entire time on every sensation she is feeling. After covering her whole back side she turns around and after showing off her creation of frosting mixed up with fluff, she gets a huge handful and mashes it into her face then slowly pulling her hands down her face to cover every inch, letting out a moan of complete and total love as she is catching her breath. She does not stop and continues to cover her hair, thick, her body and all around her face, neck, ears, everything. She tells you exactly how it feels as she begins to show off her completely covered body, her heavy hair she shows off for you, so heavy with icing you can hardly pick it up! She poses for you and cant seem to keep her hands off her pussy, titties and ass while she shows off her body covered for you. This scene is amazing, NO tarps! and I wanna personally thank MessyGirl for being the inspiration for me doing this. I have wanted to for a long time watching her girls do it thanks for looking and have a messy, messy day!
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"Wow. Buy it now."
Oh. My. God. Jayce kills it in this scene! The icing substance is so thick and creamy it's excellent. (Not to mention it brings out those gorgeous eyes!) She is too sexy when she talks to the camera, (no spoilers, buy the scene! :) ) Great video, sexy as always dear. Definitely make more of this icing next time and maybe invite Ariel over for a little sexy time. ;) mafiasentinal65, 1/17/15
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