Jayce 55+ Mountain of Foam Bed Submerge Session!
Starring the following model:
"Jayce adds extra to Jilly's set and plays and submerges in foam!"

Jayce is wearing her sexy hot pink Victorias Secret nightie with nothing but matching panties underneath. She adds about 15 cans of shaving foam to Jilly's set of 55 cans of foam and decides to jump in butt first to the mountain of foam on the bed! Jayce then begins to create more mountains of foam that she slides into and under for full and complete coverage. She disappears into the foam and then pops up completely covered laughing and having the best time. She begins to play and roll in the shaving foam, bending over, taking her top off, bending over to show off her foam covered booty and shaking it for us. She then makes a big area with the foam and makes foam angels with her whole body. She rolls and plays all while rubbing her body topless, putting her legs over her head, getting on all fours and slapping her booty and having a good time She even lays in the foam and covers her entire body where all you can see is a small hole where she is breathing! She totally covers herself in the foam many times in this scene, barrel rolls and just enjoys popping her "bed foam cherry"! Enjoy!

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Total size:329.43 MB
Runtime:10 mins, 2 secs
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"Jayce enjoys her foam mountain"
Jayce is wearing great pink nightie and panties. She then jumps to big foam bed and starts to enjoy it by covering her whole body in foam, rolling and taking her top off. Jayce loves foam and so do I. Jayce looks so good when is covered in foam. This is really good foam video and I recommend this to everyone who likes Jayce and foam. Desamo, 10/15/17
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"Jayce's sensual swim in the ocean foam!"
Jayces turn in the foam was just as dramatic as Jilly's. I loved her big seat drop into the pile of foam and they way the foam scattered. Her dives and roles just put you right into the picture and I wanted so badly to jump in and enjoy the feelings that she was experiencing. I love how at times the white foam framed her mascara outlined blue eyes-very pretty! A great touch was Jilly's photograph and her cameo toe appearance. Great job Ladies! Larry M, 3/11/13
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