Jayce Tar and Feather Strip-dance!
Starring the following model:
"Jayce striptease dancing with glue, black paint and feathers!"

In this scene, Jayce starts off with layered stockings, with heels, and a white t-shirt. The music starts to play and Jayce begins a striptease to the music and removes each item of clothing down to her white stockings and white thong and white bra, she then begins to cover herself in the white glue, still in striptease fashion all over her body. Jayce then begins to mix in the black paint to make a tar like substance all over her body and goes on to bra filling, panty filling, and finally the feathers come into play! She starts off with filling her panties with feathers and then gets in the floor and begins to remove her clothes and add more of the glue and black paint mixture in a seductive way while feathers are thrown on her, she does this until her body is totally covered and nude and she concludes with planting her face in the glue substance and then dumping it all over her face for total coverage! Very sexy and seductive video!

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Runtime:10 mins, 4 secs
Scene ID:3728

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"Jayce makes messy sexy striptease"
Jayce does sexy messy striptease and she has great outfit for it. Music starts to play and Jayce starts her striptease. She removes her clothing while covering her body with white glue. When she only has white stockings and white thong and white bra she starts to cover her body with black paint and feathers. She goes in the floor and takes rest of clothes off until she is nude while she rubs more black paint to her body and more feathers fall to her body. She then gets up and covers her face with white glue. She looks so hot at the end. This video was very sexy and I wasnt disappointed. Buy this if you like messy striptease. Desamo, 10/29/17
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