Jayces Multiple Layer Substances Complete Coverage
Starring these models:
"Jayce has Ariel multiple substances poured on her until completely covered"

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Runtime:29 mins, 13 secs
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In this Incredible scene, Jayce and Ariel start off in black dresses and begin to make out. Ariel then seductively removes Jayces clothes until completely nude. Both still turned on continue to make out but Jayce is soon made to lay on her back to prepare for whats to come. Ariel starts by slowly dripping marshmallow creme on Jayce until her entire torso and face are coated in the thick white liquid. Ariel then reaches for a bucket of mud and dumps it on Jayce, covering her in a very messy second layer. Jayce is now already completely covered and incredibly messy but Ariel is just getting warmed up. She the proceeds to pelt Jayce with several well aimed pies. Next to come is an entire bucket of chocolate adds to the coverage of different layers Jayce is receiving. Ariel next grabs a bag of flour and completely dusts Jayces body, even making sure she gets an unwanted mouthful. Having already mentioned the mess is becoming quite heavy on top of her, Jayce now receives 3 buckets of some thick heavy slime that weigh her down even more. After Ariel dumps the 3 buckets of orange, green, and a very thick pink slime on her, she grabs several cans of shaving foam. Even now barely recognizable under all the mess, Jayce becomes even more buried under the thick white foam that Ariel continues to coat her with until Jayces body is now barely recognizable if at all underneath the mounds of fluffy shaving cream. During the entire process Jayce must occassionaly whipe her mouth clear just in order to breath. But at this point she decides to slowly attempt to stand up with all of heavy layers still on top of her body. After showing off her what her incredible body looks like completely covered in various forms of mess Ariel has her get back on her knees in order to pour yet another slime, this one shaving foam based, over Jayces face and body. Now seemingly thinking she "has" to be done Ariel grabs several pies that have been set aside and makes sure she catches them directly in the face and tits, the last being tossed with significantly more force. At this point all the prepared substances have been thoroughly doused all over Jayce but for some extra fun she refills an empty bucket with the mix of messiness that's all around her and, barely lifting the heavily filled bucket at first, then slowly pours the mixture on her head while kneeling, resulting in a very hot image of herself smeared with different colors and textures all over her body. She now begins to wrap things up when it is suggested to her by her camera operator to finish with a couple of head dunkings. Jayce gladly refills a bucket and completes two very incredible head submergings from different angles, making sure to give a view of her very nice ass. Finally she allows herself to finish and sign off before ending the video.
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