Pussy Pies and the Big "O" from the Vault!
Starring the following model:
"Jayce pies her pussy until she is about to cum and then pies her face hard!"

In this video, Jayce gets surprised when she gets out of the shower with a vast array of all kinds of fluffy pies topped with whipped cream! She asks what to do with them and is told to pie her pussy! So, she does as she is asked, finding all types of different pies but all gooey, fruit filled, pudding filled, peanut butter filled, jelly filled and batter filled all fluffy topped with huge amounts of whipped topping! Jayce pies her pussy in every kind of way, legs spread eagle every time and masturbating between each pie, with super duper close ups of her pussy while she rubs it in her clit. yummo! She also bends over facing you to pie her pussy from behind and masturbating from behind. Finally when she is about ready to cum, She spread eagle pies her pussy once again, rubbing herself until she is about to go and when she does, she gives herself a hard pie to the face. Once she gathers herself after such a treatment, she showers off a little and says toodle loo! going back in the vault soon, so enjoy the scene!

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Runtime:12 mins, 41 secs
Scene ID:9408

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"One from the vault."
In this video Jayce's cat certainly gets the cream. Most people being presented with a room full of pies exiting a shower would grab a fork. But, Jayce has a much better plan. Jayce pies her pussy in every position conceivable and if that wasn't enough she also masturbates whilst doing it. The climax of the video, pun very much intended, see Jayce finally pie her self in the face whilst cumming, which is a real treat. Jayce looks amazing in this video and although, the coverage is very localised, some people might have wanted to see pied boob etc. this is a really good video and is a must for Jayce fans and pie fans will enjoy it too as well. Methos20, 12/14/16
"A must-have if you like well-pied pussy"
This video is crazy hot, and it looks like it was a lot of fun too. There's some very nice lead-up, and a nice variety of thick pies. Pretty much all the pies go where every pie wants to go when it grows up, and she's not shy at all about rubbing it all in. There are some lingering close-ups that are pure magic. Those who like more conventional pie placement will also be happy, since the best pie of all goes right into her face in the middle of her sexy play time. She even showers off at the end as a nice bonus. I'd absolutely recommend adding it to your collection. WritesNaughtyReviews, 2/25/16

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