Curious Jayce Is on the Naughty List This Year!
Starring the following model:
"Curious girl, Jayce masturbates after covering herself in pies and slime."

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Jayce has baked some goods for a bake sale in her underwear..and mixed up some cake batter but has not baked it yet. She starts to get curious about it. She is wearing big, high waisted panties and a bra with her hair down so she turns on a camera and decides to tape herself getting messy. She starts of by turning around and pieing herself on the ass and loves it so much she sits on two more pies, facing forward and facing backward...

she grinds herself into the pies like she is making love to them. She then decides she is curious about filling panties. Jayce is wearing some really high waisted ones so she is wondering how much they will hold. She grabs all the pie and crust she just played with and fills her panties and it is insane! They get huge!

She shows us front and back what her panties look like bulging super full!

She then decides to lean back, lift her legs and pie herself in the ass

After that Jayce is super excited and getting aroused. She pulls out one of the buckets of green slime and lays back. She pours the bright green slime/batter all down her body moaning with delight! She quickly grabs the second huge bucket and dunks her head over and over and then pours it all over her body as well. She then begins to put her hands down her panties and masturbate. She pulls out one breast and plays with it as she continues. She then leans back and pulls down her panties and continues to let you watch her masturbate with the batter all over her until she is finished. For a final ending, after she has had a great orgasm, she gives herself a pie sandwich! After all that she is so giddy and giggly, she rolls in all the mess, laughing uncontrollably, having the best time you can imagine! She decides she loves doing wam and cant get enough of it! Her sweet giggles speak volumes! sexy, cute, messy! but Jayce is For sure on the naughty list this year! ;)
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"The Naughty list is filling up like Jayce's pants"
Pros: The scene is nice and long so you get good value for money Jayce looks good as always. If you're a fan of pies or panty filling this is for you. Jayce masturbates with her panties off which is incredibly hot. There is some head dunking for fans of that. Cons: Given the title might have been nice to have some sort of Christmas theme. Would have been nice to see Jayce's boobs. Overall, this video is very hot and Jayce continues to impress with he videos. A must for any pie fan! Methos20, 12/14/16
"Jayce really takes the pie"
Jayce keeps getting better with every new clip. This is Jayce at her most naughty and very playful. She was born to be messy and she loves pieing herself all over and pie sitting. After seeing her in the pie I forgot that there was still slime to come and it is glorious. Jayce does the head dunking in it that she's great at then dumps it all over her body. She loves the feeling of the slime and pie all over her body that she has to have an intamate moment with herself :-) I'm a fan of Jayces' beautiful feet and there's some great views of them here including a great close up. You must own this! annmargretfan75, 12/30/13
"Jayce ain't curious no more"
Jayce has yet again a hit on her hands. This video has a wam virgin feel to it as she plays curious about it. Nicely portrayed with amazing green colored batter slime in a sexy red bra and panties. A must see for panty filling lovers with a special ending. hooter, 12/19/12
"Hot panties and Pies to shake your soul!"
Jayce pulls off another sensual sexy video for pie lovers! There she is in a really sexy bra and Nylon vintage panties that some call "granny panties" that she wears so well. She begins to play and experiment with the chocolate cream pies which she has all around her. Siting in them, smashing them into her rear and then, dumping the pies down inside these silky Nylon panties, which is a mega turn on if you have ever had a girl wearing that type of lingerie sit on your face. Then imagine those panties filled with chocolate pie siting on your face. She acts like a virgin to this whole thing as she experiments with putting her pretty face into a pie and she loves that feeling of the cool soft and silky feeling of the cream on her face. This is one hot video that should have you gone way before the cake batter, but if not then there's that in store for you with her trademark head dunking and then she is so turned on that she needs to pleasure herself to a finally climax that will shake your soul! Mahar, 12/13/12

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