Nikko and Jayce Strip Wrestling Syrup and Pies Mix
Starring these models:
"Nikko and Jayce strip wrestle in corn syrup loser gets pies!"

File count:1
Total size:943.37 MB
Runtime:17 mins, 3 secs
Scene ID:28218

Nikko and I are ultra frisky and fun in this fun wrestling in 7 gallons of corn syrup and trying to strip eachother! The loser (aka Nikko!) gets pied with blue and white colored pies made of shaving foam! We are so sticky even before the pies and it is so slippery we can hardly wrestle bc everytime we do, we fall on top of eachother, pressing our bodies against eachother and then doing all we can to rip off eachothers tops or bottoms! The corn syrup is cold, slippery, stringy and ultra sticky so the girls are laughing and having a blast...while we try to pull off eachothers clothes, we are trying to keep up with how long the wrestling rounds are...we finally decide to say "fuck it" and just wrestle and try to get eachothers clothes off! The corn syrup is glistening on our bodies and we cant help but keep falling on eachother, then grabbing clothing and pulling it off is daunting bc of how sticky we are but we are laughing and having such a good time! i finally take an awesome leap and grab her bottoms for the win! I pull them down to her ankles and spank her ass and claim my victory! I then pie her with numerous shaving foam pies that stick all over her! the tins stick all over her body and I cannot stop laughing at her demise but alas, she thinks this is so much fun and so hilarious! the last pie, i take my bottoms off, i slap pie on my ass and then grind her face into my ass! i gave her an ass pie! Then the wrestling starts again, with both of us fully nude and now the corn syrup and shaving foam are mixing and making this amazing, sticky thick slime! all over us! so we start to play! we twerk our asses and show off our fully nude pussies and bodies and cover eachother all in this amazing substance! Then we wrestle some more, our titties, ass and pussies are rubbing all over eachother, legs in the air, just having a good time and loving the sensation of the shaving foam starting to tingle on our bodies! Nikko was the "loser" but i think we both won on this one so much mess and so much sexy fun!
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