Part 2 Virgin Wammer Nikko and Jayce Paint Party!
Starring these models:
"Jayce and First Time-Nikko get playful and sexy in Paint full coverage!"

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Total size:802.39 MB
Runtime:15 mins, 1 sec
Scene ID:26145

In this second part, we pull out the white colors to go over our metallics and dump the colors over our heads. Nikko has never done full coverage so she is shocked that we are dumping stuff over our heads! We then pull out, each of us have over 12 bottles each of different colors of paint to have an all out paint war! We are fun but frisky and sexy...rubbing the colors in after we take a look at how amazing they look dripping down our bodies. We get so covered in paint that the floor is heavy with it, we grab handfuls of it and put it all over eachother. We get very close and very handsy with eachother. Grabbing eachothers titties and asses...rubbing paint on eachothers asses and titties and having a damn good time being crazy in the paint after we see ourselves as works of art! Nikko is so happy and having SO much fun in the paint! I was having a blast and I grab handfuls of it in the floor and just plunge my face into a pile i made in the floor! Nikko loves it and we hug and grab all over eachothers silky bodies covered in the beautiful paint! we have glittery paint, regular paint colors, whites and metallics! you will love the end where Nikko and I get in the shower and she uses my glass shower door as a way to show off her bootie, pressing it up against the glass and twerking for you!
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