Virgin Wamming W/ Dixie! Extreme Pb&batter Hair!
Starring these models:
"Jayce shows Dixie how to Mess up her long hair and head dunk!"

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I found this chick and decided to bring her in for her very first messy time...We started it off extreme! With some hair mess! We both have extremely long hair, hers is blonde and fair and mine is brown and thick! Both of us take some hair mess beautifully! She loves her hair so it was a real treat for her but she was shy! She didn't understand the feelings that were happening, the weight of the hair, it was all so much! She loved it! She loved the warmth, she loved the weight, she loved running her hands through her hair because oddly enough she always does! She is always playing with her hair so this worked out perfectly! She was still in shock by the sheen of the peanut butter because it was melted, how it glistened on our hair when we smoothed it out, how rich and saturated our hair became as we kept piling the peanut butter on! Then it was time to pile our hair on top of our heads and get out the super white cake batter adn see if we could smooth our hair back down...That was even more fun for me, to see her take batter down her face for the first time as well! Both of our hair got so thick and silky from smooothing the thickness of the pb with another layer of mess on our hair, that was the batter. Then pouring it all over her face and letting her get a good sliming on her hair and face! She did the same to me, so i pulled out my big boobs to get them get some slime time and let the batter just create another thick layer of mess and weight to my already insanely saturated hair. Finally after some playing and laughing and her just like "wow!" and seeing her hair, it was SO long and SO thick with mess...

I decided to show her what a head dunk was, one of my fave things to do! So, i show her how to do one, and she was nervous but she went for it! She kept her head all the way down there, batter filling up and spilling out the bucket all around her and then came back up and was surprised at the intensity of it! I explained to her that's why i love it! she loved the tastes, the smells all around her but she was a little shy...she was fun, laughing, smiling but you could tell just a little shy being a wam virgin and all...but, with the help of myself and ariel, we have opened her up a bit since this video, just a bit. Shes a great addition being a sweet, country, southern, moving tractors in her spare time, cant work on this weekend bc she is going to a rodeo, lady! She is a young college student just starting out but we have loved having her around. She is a sweet asset to mine and Ariels Sweet/Naughty ;) So, here is her first time! watch as new stuff comes out and watch her blossom!
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"2017's must buy video!"
This scene is great, Jayce really introduces dixie to WAM in such a kind way. It's like they have a sisterly bond... if all sisters liked destroying each other with melted peanut butte. there's a nice contrast between Dixie's perceived innocence and Jayce's years of experience. Must buy. bigone222, 1/18/17
* Promo refers only to Jayce Lane's House of Mess's scenes.

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