Dixie and Jayce Huge PieFight and Pantyfilling!
Starring these models:
"Strangest Interview Ever! Big Fluffy Filled Pies fly! and panties Filled!"

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Well, this video had no shortage of big, fluffy, filled pies! Dixie and I were dressed for success until we found our interview papers...and Dixie does as the paper says! Its the craziest interview yet! It says on the paper to take my dress off...i am reading to make sure that is correct because that just doesnt sound right! and while i am doing this, Dixie rips off my dress and sees me in my cutsie little panties and points and laughs at makes fun of me! well, i get her back, knowing its not part of the interview and I rip off her dress, bc its only fair, and shes wearing similar girly panties! I make fun OF her relentlessly! The tables turn, Dixie is pieing the crap out of me, interrupting my sentences with open mouthed pies where I end up slowly spitting out loads of filling and topping, and its not over! There are so many pies and we are being recorded for dixie's interview but it turns out, basically, her part of the interview is to see how well she can throw a pie, I suppose! Dixie is nothing short of a bitch, pointing and laughing at my demise! Because I am the boss! The pies DO not stop! the only time they do is just to recover from the last pie slammed into eachothers face and they are all shocking! they are all filled with either blueberry, nutella, or pudding and topped with whipped cream and decorated! Finally the pies start going into different places! The girls start trying to trick eachother into taking them and the hits get harder and harder! The pies go into the panties, filling them to the brim with loads of huge, heavy pies! we squeal, we bitch, we moan and complain and then we find the interview papers again, covered in mess to read "what is really going on here?" and it seems that the pie fight is what was wanted! but, us really going at it, stuffing eachothers panties and hitting eachother super hard with pies i dont think was on the menu. We go tit for tat and then finally give in that we are both super fucked up with pie mess...there is no escaping this and we check to make sure that we have completed our tasks as asked...on this saturated paper covered in pie mess! hahaha! I think we both ate enough pie for a lifetime and slowly spit out enough pie to cover ourselves a few times over! It was an epic and huge mess of a pie fight! Before the last few pies, we both grab buckets and start filling them with the crazy amount of food below us, it was dixies idea, but i was faster and i filled my bucket and totally covered her in all the pie mess! alas, i end up losing because i feel like a winner and I want to sit down and i sit my ass, right IN A pie! one that could have been used...! i am in total shock but there are a few more pies to take out my revenge on dixie, and i make sure that she is completely obliterated with pie mess! WE both hit eachother in the butts with pies, she gets my tits and all before all pies are gone!
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