Extreme Savory Torture Madness!
Starring these models:
"Ariel and Jayce tit for tat and Jayce gets obliterated with Tons OF Savory"

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Well, Jayce is talking to herself about how she is the Queen of Wam now and doesn't think to look around. She gets caught by Ariel behind her, hearing all she has said...

This is not good for Jayce...

Next shot Jayce is in a huge tupperware bin and is not phased...she is the queen of wam in her mind so whatever Ariel has up her sleeve, is Nothing to the likes of Jayce! she shruggs it off where she is. Then the mess starts to come. All industrial sized containers of Nothing But Savory Mess! we have nacho cheese, ketchup, ranch, french dressing, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, gravy, bbq sauce, tartar sauce, mayo, Relish! MY Most Hated! creamed corn, honey mustardt, white gravy, brown gravy, peas, mustard...it is insane and most all of these used, were bought in Two industrial sized cans so, a lot of this stuff was used on Jayce more than once! IT IS Insane But IT Gets Worse. Halfway through, Jayce is trying to hide her disgust and tells Ariel to get her naked, that she can take it, she is trying to piss ariel off because ariel wants to break jayce. so ariel cuts and rips off jayces clothes. Jayce still isnt phased. she says she loves it. she loves the smell, she loves what is being done. ariel gets more and more pissed so to top it off, after ariel strips jayce naked, telling her how bad she stinks, how gross she is, Jayce gets down in the deep slop and begins to head dunk Relentlessly into the disgusting mix of goo! this Really Makes Ariel Mad! So, Ariel comes up with the most fucked up way to exact revenge. She Takes Jayce's Old, Stinky Sneakers And Fills Them With The Goo And Forces Jayce TO Gargle IT! Over And Over!

jayce is gagging, she is totally grossed out but she sees Ariel is getting the upperhand so, she gathers herself and Starts to head dunk with her Own Mouth Open! sbs Jayce by her thick coated hair and forces her head under the slop, forward dunking, back ward dunking, where Jayce cannot catch her breath! She then takes buckets adn fills them throwing them all over Jayce while she is still trying to catch her breath just coating her and getting mess in her mouth and every place she can! It is absolutely disgusting. Throughout Jayce has tried to act like she doesn't care but she is totally humiliated and you can see it...she tries so hard to act like she is not phased but, once the torture is over because Ariel cant stand the smell of Jayce anymore...

Jayce stands up and says to you How Fucking Nasty This IS! she is in total shock and embarrassed at her coated body and what she has been made to do and what she did in the mess just to prove a point! This is the most Insane Savory Video IN The House OF Mess OR That WE Have Ever Seen! You Must see it. The screen captures were ones taken from a computer and do this scene no justice. You Have TO see if for yourself!
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"Insane amount of mess. If you're a savoury fan you must buy."
Methos20  12/12/16

This video is absolutely unreal. There is an unbelieveable amount of mess. This is a must for any savoury fan, Jayce ends up covered head to toe in savoury mess and totally naked. If you're a fan of someone acting arrogant getting their commupance. this is for you. If you're a fan of savoury mess this is for you. Head dunking, this is for you.

Nudity this is for you. I'm not a huge fan of what I call "blob messes" where the person being covered is unrecognizable and although that features in this video, it does take away from it. Jayce looks incredible in this video and she earns her title as the Queen of WAM and if she doesn't have that title she needs it!

"Nasty and revolting (loved it)"
SloppyBoyToy  1/29/16

No doubt after what Jayce went through she IS a Queen of WAM. There, I did it... I referred to Jayce as a Queen of Wam.

this was an amazing video and surely pure hell for Jayce. The variety and amounts of substances was unbelievable, but she takes it all like a queen. I loved the continual back-and-forth throughout the entire scene. Though, I almost lost it when Jayce gargled all that mess. I don't know how she didn't gag, because I know I did.

If you enjoy humiliating, savory WAM this is the video you need to purchase!

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