Jayce's Extreme Hogtie and Pie for an Eye Revenge!
Starring these models:
"Steal Ariels skirt, she catches me, hogties me, cuts clothes and trashes me"

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Runtime:13 mins, 24 secs
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In this one, Ariel finds me flaunting in her fave school girl skirt, i stole and I attempt to run away but Ariel catches me! She hogties me to the extreme with basically no tieing...just one bar my legs and wrists are attached to, its brutal! My pigtails and cuteness cant help me now, ariel is pissed because that was her infamous skirt from a puddle jumping video she was reeeeaaaal proud of...but i wanted it and now i am paying for it! With my knee high socks, sc

hool girl mary janes, super tight, almost translucent turtleneck that is super white and bright and my glasses for seeing...lol...I am stuck like chuck and I have no idea what is in store! Its baaaaad! She is ruthless! she pours savory substances into pies and slams them into my face, ketchup pies, mustard pies, ranch pies! so gross! She covers my body in huge bottles of maple syrup, lifts my skirt and gives me a wedgie so hard you can hear MY underwear ripping! she ruins my white shirt with syrups and then ketchup! pouring huge bottles all over me! then, she pulls my underwear down to my knees, i roll over to try to feel some comfort (which it didnt help) and there she is with scissors! Cutting my shirt to shreds and ripping it off me! She pulls my skirt down to reveal my pussy, clean, if you can believe it but not for long! she trashes me for a few minutes, teasing me with ranch dressing all over me, squirting it at my pussy, saying horribly mean things to me! trashing my socks, and then after she feels like she has had some fun with the savory stuff...

she takes my bra off. Leaving me totally naked and then brings out the gunge! heavy, slimy green gunge and pours it all over my body and even does it in big plops you can hear hitting my face, my pussy, my tits! I think, there is no way it can get worse! it could...

She then pulls out the pies! She pies me in the pussy, the tits, the face! she covers me in pies all over! More gunge ensues and then, just when i can look around and see and think it may be over...nooooooo...she grabs all kinds of leftovers from around me, fills up a couple of pie crusts and proceeds to pie the shit out of me with all this nasty stuff mixed together! MY pussy, tits and everything on display! I beg her to stop and finally give in and say im sorry for stealing her skirt and Ariel leaves ME there! that sadistic bitch!
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