350 Pound Batter Bath Part I: Jayce
Starring the following model:
"After a long day at work, Jayce takes the batter bath of a lifetime!"

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Date added:10/06/16
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350 pounds of batter slime, 1 tub, 1 very lucky girl, at least 5 total body submersions, and 1 totally-ruined sexy work outfit!

After a long day at work, Jayce is greeted by Jilly with a camera in her face. Not surprising since she always has a camera in her hand, but she is surprised to find out that Jilly made Jayce her very own huge batter bath! Over 170 boxes of batter, hours of mixing, and all for Jayce who had to work overtime. She is absolutely, positively delighted at her gift and decides to get in right away, not even changing out of her work clothes of a short, black, polka-dotted halter dress, black stockings, and high heels. She gets in booty first in a sitting position, kicking off her nude, patent-leather heels, all the while you get a great upskirt shot as she moves lower into the slime. Her midsection is slowly engulfed in the thick neon green and purple batter and it begins to swirl. The marbleized pattern contrasts beautifully with Jayce's dark outfit. She is amazed at the sheer mass of batter that surrounds her and it's so thick she can barely move her hands upward. She has her torso and arms completely coated and very, very slowly begins to submerge her entire head for the first time. The batter creeps up the sides of her face, so thick it leaves a seam where the two areas of batter met in the middle of her face. You can see bubbles coming up from the batter where Jayce is breathing out, staying under for a considerable amount of time! She continues to swirl around in the batter, roll over, dunk her head many more times, and shower her face with batter every chance she can get. Then she finally decides to get her feet all the way into the batter and it took just as long as her hands because of the thickness. She then reveals her generously-coated feet and wipes down one part of her stocking to show just how thick this batter really is. It's a good 1/8-1/4" worth of batter clinging to her legs even after nearly a minute after being submerged! Rolling over another time, Jayce realizes she has a clean spot beneath her dress and lifts it up to expose her butt which is 100% batter-free –she can't have that! So she fills up the bottom of her dress and massages the batter on to her backside, bending over and showing off. The rest of the video contains even more amazing total submersions that you've never seen Jayce do before. It's the most batter she's ever had at one time! Jilly really knows how to brighten a girl's afternoon! It's a sexy, funny, amazing, must-see video.
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"Jayce is a bathing beauty even in batter!"
The Glorious SOB  12/4/15

I couldn't help but fall in lust w/ Jayce. Since facials and submerging/emerging are my thing, I was very much satisfied with this video; she put her head under more times than the one where she was in green slime! Also there wasn't any nudity or masturbation, but it didn't matter to me because this was still an incredibly sexy video for Wam's sake. Jayce is quite the bathing beauty, even if this bath had a more opaque and colorful liquid! As was that green slime video, I'm very aroused by how she stays under for longer than a 2nd. My one minor complaint would be the "home video" filming of it; Jilly didn't capture all the times Jayce emerged, but since she did it a lot I'm fine with it. In conclusion, this is an enjoyable video for you slime/gunge fans.

"Jayce's psychedelic dream"
annmargretfan75  3/24/13

Jayce and Jilly just keep getting better. Jayce bathes in a psychedelic swirl of batter. She was born to do this and wastes no time getting comfortable in the batter. Finally she decides to go under and when she comes up looks like a very sexy monster. Trust me this is one creature you would just want to get close too :-) Her reaction is genuine and you see she really loves it. The scene is very well shot and we get to see all the action up close. The only way it could get better is if you could be in there with her. This video is a must have.

"A flawless work of perfection."
JenniferWamTGirl  3/4/13

There is one big downside to customs; the worry. This is meant to be your dream scenario being played out in front of your eyes but it's one being interpreted by others. A HUGE amount could go wrong, especially in a project of this magnitude--the batter was too thin or less than plentiful, or on the other end of the scale, too thick to sink into, the camera didn't pick up the key moments at the right time, the dress was a centimetre too long, the pantyhose one denier too sheer (yes, I'm really that anal!)--so I consigned myself to the pit of pessimism and convinced myself that the glorious vision my mind's eye was playing over and over was little more than a pipe dream...

But then, this is Jayce and Jilly we're talking about. And they appear to be psychic.

What we have here before you all is EXACTLY--I'm not kidding in the slightest--what I'd had in my head for months, right down to the tiniest details. The gunge is incredible, so thick and smooth and in my two favourite colours (I hadn't been able to choose between the two and Jayce assured me that green was easier, so I went with that--lo and behold she surprises me with both! That kind of extra thought you really can't put a price on), the coverage is beyond any measurement of awesomeness, the dress is stunning and my God her legs are something else! Even the acting is excellent--seriously, just give those two a brief plot outline and you're good to go!

I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am with this amazing work of WAM art and how grateful I am to both Jilly and Jayce for tirelessly striving (to the detriment of their sanity) to make my messy dreams come alive.

Trust them. They are the One.

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