Clowning W/ Pies and Orgasms, Dirty Talk and Toy
Starring the following model:
"Jayce is a sexy Clown with Pies and her Vibrator!"

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Runtime:13 mins, 16 secs
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In this fun, messy time, I spent some time putting on my clown makeup which was a blast and went through my clothes...I didn't want to wear too much because I knew I would be taking it off I am wearing a sweet little rainbow tutu, thigh high striped stockings, and some sweet, full bottomed strawberry underwear to start. I have pies all around me I cant wait to put on me just for you...

I start by pieing my tits and seeing it run down my chest all over my cute little tutu. Then I decide that I wanna sit on a pie for you but my panties just aren't dirty enough to take off yet so, I graba handful of pie and rub them all over my sweet little panties before I slowly and seductively pull them down to where I am in nothing but my tutu, showing my ass and pussy and my stockings. I count down to sit on the pie and blammo! I rub my ass and pussy and grind all over the pie, moaning with pleasure! I stand up to show you my ass and pussy covered in pie and decide its time to take off my tutu...

Once I do I realize that I am stepping in so much pie with my stockings so I do It some more to get my stockings a big mess with my feet!

I then sit down, now only in my stockings and countdown and pie my pussy hard and roll my head back as I feel the cool whip, cold all over my pussy. I rub the pie all over my pussy and all down my legs, getting my stockings covered in pie! oh goodness! So, then I decide the stockings have to go, because they are a mess. So now, I am totally naked and ready to give you something you really want to see and that is some pieing of my ass. I turn around and pie my ass hard, leaving the tin on me to twerk my ass and shake the tin off, revealing cool whip and crust all over me...I start talking really dirty to you, teasing you with pies, asking how bad you want to see me pie my ass, telling you how much I know you love it...

I then pull out my anal vibrator but I don't just use it on my ass! I lay on my side, one of the many ways I like you to fuck me and the camera shows extreme close ups of me using the vibrator on my ass, and then rubbing from my ass to my pussy and back and forth, up and down, vibrating hard and making me insanely horny! I want you so bad I can hardly take it. I get up on my knees and hold the vibrator on my clit after some serious ass and clit play and wait until I cum and then give myself a big blueberry pie right in the face! After that, I am ready for a shower! I clean myself off a bit, getting the make up off me, and some of the pie and I realize that I cant leave the shower without my red lipstick! its my favorite! I put some on and just as I am about to walk clean out of the shower bam! I get hit hard in the face with a huge, fluffy blueberry pie! I laugh and giggle and then end by saying "the end!" A super sexy, erotic and dirty talking clown scene
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