Savory Orgasm, Joi and Fun Card Game to Start!
Starring the following model:
"Card game, loser gets messy. Messy instruction to u, I get messy+joi"

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Wearing my lingerie, we play a card game. To play this game with me you will need... A pie, chocolate sauce, pancake syrup, caramel sauce, nickelodeon style green slime X2! (just really green cake batter with oatmeal mixed in will work!) You lose the draw and I tell you how to mess yourself up..i draw low and you tell me how to get messed! I am wearing my cute little lingerie set and you have picked savory substances and you are awful when i lose! Its a total game of chance whether or not im gonna get messy but i have my supplies and i am determined im gonna either be clean completely or maybe have one mess on me...maybe. but alas, I lose some rounds, as do you...and when you do, I tell you exactly how I want you to use the mess you have! I explain in detail how I want it applied, where i want it applied and then i poke fun at how messy you are! How sticky you must be and how much i love messing you up! Then when i get my messings! oh my gosh! you are so brutal! Nickelodeon green slimings, a mustard and ketchup pie sandwich? a tartar sauce hair smoothing and shampooing?! but alas, you end up being the winner of the "masturbation" round where I tell you exactly how i want you to jerk your big cock for me with all the mess you have all over you...even though i am in some nasty stuff, my hair is smoothed with mess and the fact that i am telling you how to jerk off for me, is really turning me on and making me touch myself! I even grab more ketchup and start to smooth it through my hair as i grab my titties and plead for you to put your cock in between them and fuck me with your sticky dick! I tell you how i want to climb on top of you, all messy and use your mess as our lube and get filthy together and begin to rub on myself because i am turning myself on so much! I end up getting an orgasm talking so dirty to you! i believe i got you there too savory never got so damn sexy!
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"Simple, fun and sexy--there's a lot to like!"
This is, from what I can tell, a fairly new subgenre of wam wherein the model makes you get messy--I don't know how many other producers out there have done content like this, but since getting messy with someone is so much better than just sitting clean on the other side of a screen, I always love it when it comes along! Jayce is great--she has that southern belle charm, and plays both the cheeky humiliation of you and also the disgust when she gets messy herself well, and she's of course hot as hell! I never believe for a second she's a model that just gets messy to make money--it feels genuine. The set up is simple, I love how it compares the more fun game oriented style of wam with the sexy side, and the mess used is great as well--it's certainly not the biggest mess ever, especially for someone who gets into messes as crazy as Jayce, but that tartare sauce and ketchup/mustard pie sandwhich? Nice. I guess if there's anything to improve on, I think the only thing I can really think of is maybe a little bit more variety in where the mess goes, and Jayce allowing herself to show off her great body. I would have loved some messy ass or feet shots, but that's just me. The only other thing is I would have loved it if it actually did all come down to chance. It is clear that the outcome of each round is preplanned, and you take four messes before she gets one! You still both get plenty messy, but I feel like it would have been great if it started off slightly less one sided, or Jayce didn't know what the outcome would be either. That aside, this is still a great video. The joi at the end is super hot, Jayce manages to combine sexy and fun perfectly, and you actually do feel like you are there with her! I loved this scene, and I hope more producers give getting both model and viewer messy together in the future. Slopseeker, 11/27/18
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"Fun and Sexy"
What can I say other than Wow! Fun and sexy, ending with a joi turning into mutual masturbation. Jayce walking you through how to use your mess, what mess to use. Just a fun video through and through and I haven't seen many/any others like this. HundredAcreWood, 11/23/18
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