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"Buy this video you won't regret it"
This is awesome video from Jayce. Easily worth the money. She starts with her nice pink dress and then strips herself to nude because its your birthday. She covers her sexy body and her great big boobs with white icing. She then has fun with her vibrator while she sings happy birthday and gets orgasms it's so hot. I recommend this to everyone who likes Jayce or wants naughty birthday video. Desamo, 10/2/17
"A barrel full of Foamy fun, well done."
Once again, Jayce and Ariel prove that they are the queens of foamy fun. This was a awesome video, Jayce was SO sexy and erotic throughout and Ariel was obviously enjoying just as much. If you have seen any of their other foam exploits then you have to see this one, it is worth every penny. I highly recommend this one. FoamyFremen, 10/1/17
"Mud Lovers Dream"
This video is a mud lovers dream come true. Beautiful girls, sexy dresses, lots of dirty dialog, and absolutely awesome mud.These country girls really know how to have fun in the mud. Not one clean spot left on any of the girls awesome bodies. Jayce you are the bomb shoving that hand full of gooey mud in your mouth. Your outdoor mud scenes are the absolute best. acesandeights, 8/10/17
"Sinkedddd i love this"
Awesome deep tank I love it. I hope to see more or completely in an closed tank where you can breath with a tube. I think this work is amazing. evander, 7/1/17
"Awesome video!"
Wow! It sure is Dixie like you never seen her before! It's a short, but very intense and erotic, video due to the mud being soooo cold! Dixie does an amazing job turning herself into a mud statue. A must get if you are a mud fan. anotherUser, 5/19/17
"An excllent humiliation scene"
If you love humiliation in your wam, this video is a must in your collection. Ariel has Jayce tied down, completely nude and exposed, in bondage and writes humiliating phrases on her body before covering her in shaving cream and shaving her. All the while, Ariel verbally humiliates Jayce.

The quality is right up there with the high standards that the House of Mess has been putting out, and the camera is well-framed. As it seems that Ariel is operating the camera, the shot is stationary, with a few adjustments at different points, but the angle and closeness of the shots are chosen well to keep the action tight and centered.

The only problem is that a small part of the middle of the video where Ariel is working shaving cream into Jayce's hair (about a minute and a half of video) occurs out of place and the beginning. However, nothing is missing from the overall video, and this is a small issue that shouldn't detract from the video.

Ultimately if you like wam and humiliation, this video is highly recommended. mhalver, 5/14/17
"An excellent mud wrestling video from Jayce and Dixie"
This is another great mud video from the House of Mess. Jayce and Dixie start out in bikinis using squirt guns filled with mud on each other before moving inside for mud wrestling. By the end, both girls end up nude and completely coated in the red clay. This mud provides exceptional coverage, leaving no spot uncovered.

The quality is excellent, as can be expected from the House of Mess, and the camera keeps the action well-framed and remains close to the action. If you are a fan of mud and a fan of Jayce and Dixie, this video is a must buy. mhalver, 5/14/17
"A wonderfully sexy and fun messy newbie experience from Dixie"
Watching Dixie getting messy with Jayce is apparently going to be great every time. Dixie is, yet again, a charming, energetic, playful, sexy wonderfully willing wammer. For a beginner, she's extra special. Of course, Jayce is her usual greatness as well.

I look forward to seeing more messy fun from Dixie. :) clue1, 2/28/17
"You must buy"
Wow wow wow. What more can I say. The pictures speak for themselves!

Fantasic mess in the longest hair. What a sport. What a cracker. phando22, 2/1/17
"One of the best savory scenes of all time imo"
If you like savory stuff do yourself a favor and get this video!

Dixie is totally adorable. She's a total trooper for letting Jacye anywhere near her with industrial sized jars of condiments. And she's in leggings. Who doesn't like leggings? Are you not sold yet? Just look at that picture above. Look at it again. This video fucking rocks if cute girls about to have comically large tubs of ranch dressing poured over their head is your thing. Just buy it already. Put a second mortgage on the house if you have to--I don't even have a house but I have this video and I'm ok with that.

Joking aside. If you're still thinking "eh. I like watching a girl describe how chunky mayo feels on top of her head in a thick Kentucky accent but I'm still not sold..." Deets below.

Production: 10/10--Great video quality. Filmed beautifully with full-body pans, action shots. excellent audio, it's all here. Kudos to the director!

Mess: 10/10--(If you're not into savory mess 0/10) You know how sometimes you see mainstream adult videos get "messy" with a little dribble of honey here and a dabble of chocolate syrup there? This is like the exact opposite of that.

Model: 11/10--If there were Oscars for WAM videos, I'd nominate Dixie for the bravest newcomer award (if I were on the WAM Oscar nomination committee). She takes the mess like a trooper. Have you ever had an industrial sized tub of mustard dumped on you not once, but twice? Since you're reading this maybe you have, but I bet it was a first for Dixie. Great natural reactions.

If you're still reading at this point, I have one question for you and that's why have you not stopped reading and bought this scene yet? Seriously, do it. It's like 10 times better than this review. wammster27, 1/28/17
"Dixie Dixie Dixie! She is one heck of a champ!"
Dixie Dixie Dixie! She is one heck of a champ! She takes the nasty slopp sooo well it makes you want to have her long beautiful hair all in your face! mess4u, 1/27/17
"Amazing mess a pink toy and clear paltforms, Jayce has a winner!"
Oh great here we have the lovely Jayce channeling her inner Jennifer Beals in this little scene. A sexy pair of clear stripper heels is all she wears though out. An incredibly thick concoction incases Jayce's naked form from that point on. With her body completely covered she "dances" in the filled pool that was created. Jayce now takes the time to toy with us with her not little friend. Here's the part where the scene gets steamy. I would go into details but her toy is completely covered like herself, but cums out clean 8-0 ;) Another Jayce classic in the making. hooter, 1/24/17
"Sticky and sexy"
Jayce never disappoints but this scene she has outdone herself. The mixture of molasses and paint and seeing it get poured over her naked body is something else. This is a must buy! messyginger, 1/22/17
"Best work yet!"
From the very first pour with the stool is exactly what I've come to expect from Jayce's beautiful work. I've enjoyed watching her sessions grow over the years and this is my favorite by far! Keep up the great work, never stop! closetdave, 1/21/17
"2017's must buy video!"
This scene is great, Jayce really introduces dixie to WAM in such a kind way. It's like they have a sisterly bond... if all sisters liked destroying each other with melted peanut butte. there's a nice contrast between Dixie's perceived innocence and Jayce's years of experience.

Must buy. bigone222, 1/18/17
"Exciting to watch!"
Jayce and Ariel I would describe them as two very fun loving, absolutely sexy ladies who put everything into their videos. I love how they start from clothed to nude with all the pies they use. It was an excellent video to watch and I recommend it to others who want to buy it as well. Two sexy ladies covered in pie for your viewing pleasure, what more could you want? AMWorigins, 1/8/17
"Proving why she always delivers the best videos!"
Jayce proves yet again she is the Queen of WAM, especially the mess that most people will not do. I can only imagine just how cold she was throughout but she took it all like a champ. She is completely covered head to toe in some incredibly cold items, as someone that has done some cold wam before I know that could not have been easy. The best part of course is Jayce's amazing personality (or in this case bitchiness haha) as she yells at the landlord while delivering the best reactions possible to all the mess. Jayce proves time and time again why she is incredible and I swear she looks hot as hell covered in anything stewy18, 1/7/17
"Loved your hair full of syrup"
As a wet and messy hair fan I love this video for the way the syrup looks in your hair. I bet it felt great too. Some things I particularly liked were the multiple dunkings, including the fact that you didnt mess around with gradual coverage but immediately soaked your hair completely, the total immersions, pouring the bowl over your head and offering different views after immersion including the wonderful back view which is already my favourite still. I also thought your commentary was good and it was good that the scene was a decent length.

If you ever get to do a syrup bath again the only improvement I could suggest (apart from making it about an hour long!) would be for you to wear a thin white dress that goes transparent and no underwear.

Loved it.

Alan AlanD, 1/2/17
Great idea for a scene, love the idea of the revenge messing! to start with jayce looks so fucking hot in that white lingerine adding pies and slime to the mix makes everything so much better! the gunge looks amazing, great colour to it and looks incredibly thick and gooey! As with all of Jayce's scenes she looks as if she is properly loving life making it even better for me to watch! When she pulls Ariel into the mess and plays with her just completes the scene seeing both of them in a big sexy gooey mess. cake123, 1/1/17
"Such a tease!"
This scene is such a tease, what I would do to take a seat and recieve all of their presents from them! They both look as if they are loving life and there is a great variety of mess used which looks great rubbed into their cute santa outfits! cake123, 1/1/17
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