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"One of Jayce's sexiest videos yet."
VegasWam  12/4/16

I'm not much for writing long, drawn out messages, but I have to say that this video was incredibly sexy.

Jayce gives very sensual performances, and knows how to bring her sexuality across on camera, and this video shows you that without question.

This was a fantastic video. Very sexy, very erotic, and definitely worth the money. If you like women pieing men, face sitting, or just a sexy woman dominating a guy, this is the video for you.

"Jayce's playground is Ariel's leftovers and we all win!"
hooter  11/24/16

Its nice to see that recycling is a live and well. And that's just what Jayce has done here.

After helping of her bff with an amazing scene, Jayce can't but help trying it also. Jayce is a natural in the creamy shaving cream goodness. While dressed in a sexy little blue mini dress, that's soon unrecognizable and goes completely missing. As with all of Jayce's' videos she put you right in the action.

"Sticky fomay fun that makes me want to join her."
FoamyFremen  11/22/16

Wow, this was a fun scene, Jayce really poured herself into this one, curious if that was mash mellow or glue that she added to it, but either way, very Hot. I Highly recommend this one.

Piemeup  10/13/16

Buy buy buy! Such a great video, I love the hair destruction and the constant swearing. Keep it up! PS. Those tits are perfect :)

"Amazing video purchase"
gungeking3000  10/10/16

Jayce never ever fails to disappoint! One amazing woman! Looking amazing before and during getting into the bath, and love the full submersion!

"This might be the most beautiful thing any person has ever done!"
WritesNaughtyReviews  4/21/16

Wow... Egad... Sweet merciful crap... I've never commissioned a custom scene before. If I did, it would probably look a lot like this. Jayce is, as always, absolutely stunning, with lots of intensely fun, sexy energy, and she spends almost the entire video playing with herself. That by itself is a good start, but then she introduces the pies. She smashes them into her face one by one, savoring the soft cream as it slides down over her shoulders and around her tits. In very, very good time, the clothes come off, and Jayce adds a huge bucket of delightfully thick slime to the mix. Last but not least, she picks up a vibrator and slides it deep into her gorgeous and gooey pussy. She switches up the angle of play several times, fucking herself and riding the toy each time in a lovely, intimate, slimy crescendo to shuddering orgasm, only to switch to a new position immediately after and start again. I dare you to try and count how many times Jayce cums in this video. Each time she does, she celebrates with another pie to the face and if you're quiet, you can just make out the song of a choir of angels heralding an event of nigh-indescribable beauty. So... yeah, you should get this.

"This will satify that wam craving. Accept no more substitutes."
Viking  4/18/16

This is the single greatest wam video anyone has ever done. Jayce is absolutely perfect in this video. The coverage could not be any more complete... The consistency of the peanut butter, and the way it sticks to her is perfect. Some warm and runny, some room temp. plenty of head dunking and gasping for air through the thick slop. I give this a 10/10. Easily my #1 favorite video on here. All time. Jayce... Keep producing content like this.

"24 minutes of peanut butter perfection!"
WritesNaughtyReviews  3/25/16

I love this video. I love everything about this video. The peanut butter is super thick and heavy, and it looks amazing flowing over Jayce's face and body. Her commentary is surprisingly outstanding too. Jayce describes exactly how it all feels as she rubs generous handfuls of thick, sticky, warm joy into her tits, her ass, and her face. The head dunking is mind-blowingly hot, and those from-behind close ups of her playing with her peanut butter pussy will make you want to jump through your screen and dive in with her. I could just keep listing things that I love about this video, but the time you might spend reading it would be better spent seeing the video for yourself.

"This was Peanuts! 11/10"
pbnut  3/19/16

This was the hottest thing I have ever seen. How on earth did you manage to melt so much at once? I just wish you had started with the unmelted and slowly covered your body to build up the payoff, slowly working up to your face and then going in for the head dunk. Anyone who is wondering if they should buy it, stop wondering and purchase this right now. Overall the best WAM video I have ever seen. Please keep the PB scenes coming

"The sisters of mess are on top form in this clasic scene."
tribeTNG  3/1/16

I love this film, it was the first I ever saw from the sisters of mess and it has remained one of my favourites. Both sisters are on top form in the kind of roles they play so well and the banter between them really pops staying funny throughout. Plus Jayce get completely trashed, what more could you possibly want.

"Want to see how a real pro does it?"
tribeTNG  3/1/16

This is, in truth, more like two films in one, the first messy the second wet and both fantastic. Jayce really is the queen of this sort thing and she doesn't disappoint here taking cold humiliation WAM to a howl new level as only she can. Praise needs to be give for her endurance and her acting chops (she doesn't break character once) it's a perfect example of why I love her and her work.

If this is your bag and you want to see how a real pro dose it then you owe it to yourself to check out this film.

"Jayce will make you want to run away and join the circus!"
WritesNaughtyReviews  2/25/16

I don't ordinarily get super excited about clown scenes, but this video really got me going. Jayce is absolutely adorable throughout the whole thing, and she looks like she's having a ton of fun. The coverage and the variety between the pies and the different colors of batter slime are both outstanding. There's also plenty of the super-naughty play that I always like to see. I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching her slime her pussy. That's all I really have to say, so if you'll excuse me, I'll go work on my elite trapeze skills. The circus isn't going to run off and join itself!

"I like this scene so much, I bought it twice!"
WritesNaughtyReviews  2/25/16

I'm not sure how it happened, but I managed to forget that this gem was already in my collection. I discovered that fact only after I had bought it again, but it doesn't bother me one bit, since I seem to have forgotten to review it the first time around. I'll just go ahead and correct that now:...(ahem)... this Video IS Amazing! Seriously, if you like pies and beautiful women, you need to stop reading the review right now and get this video. Jayce takes twenty creamy pies right to the face, and the results are incredible. She quickly ends up covered in the gooey mess. She rubs generous handfuls of pie all over her body, and spends most of the video massaging the creamy goodness into her pussy. You get to watch her play both from the front, and from behind. The only way I could possibly think of to improve this video is some close-ups of the action, but the video is still scorchingly hot without them.

"Lovin' that hot green goo!"
WritesNaughtyReviews  2/25/16

I really wish I knew what this mystery substance was. It looks amazing. I love how she goes under over and over. She looks incredible going in every time, and watching the goo slowly flow over her when she comes back up is mesmerizing. If you like breath control at all, you'll absolutely love the gasps and little squeals. I think my favorite bitmight be when she first takes her panties off and gets ready to settle down properly into the goo, she turns around right before sitting down. The goo folds itself around her ass, and she playfully bobs up and down a couple of times. It's a beautiful moment.

"A must-have if you like well-pied pussy"
WritesNaughtyReviews  2/25/16

This video is crazy hot, and it looks like it was a lot of fun too. There's some very nice lead-up, and a nice variety of thick pies. Pretty much all the pies go where every pie wants to go when it grows up, and she's not shy at all about rubbing it all in. There are some lingering close-ups that are pure magic. Those who like more conventional pie placement will also be happy, since the best pie of all goes right into her face in the middle of her sexy play time. She even showers off at the end as a nice bonus. I'd absolutely recommend adding it to your collection.

"Lots of fun!"
overallsfann  2/24/16

I liked the originally of this vid, great choice of clothing and the gunge mixture is really smooth. Would love to be covered in that mystery substance.

"Nasty and revolting (loved it)"
SloppyBoyToy  1/29/16

No doubt after what Jayce went through she IS a Queen of WAM. There, I did it... I referred to Jayce as a Queen of Wam.

this was an amazing video and surely pure hell for Jayce. The variety and amounts of substances was unbelievable, but she takes it all like a queen. I loved the continual back-and-forth throughout the entire scene. Though, I almost lost it when Jayce gargled all that mess. I don't know how she didn't gag, because I know I did.

If you enjoy humiliating, savory WAM this is the video you need to purchase!

"Jayce seems to have a bit of a talent for this."
tribeTNG  1/5/16

Damn! What to say about this, whether you like this film or not really depends on your tolerance for the Pov gimmick personally I like it. And I especially like it here. Jayce seems to have a bit of a talent for this having already hit a home run with here film Bondage some time ago now she up's the anti with Lap Dance make no mistake. The one complaint I might have is that it only lasts for the first half before the perspective shifts to a more traditional third person angle but really that's a nit-pick there were logistical reasons for that and it's still sexy as hell. Over all this one comes highly recommended.

"I won't say Jilly had it coming but I sure am glad she got it"
tribeTNG  1/5/16

Personally if I had a naked Jilly walking around my house I'd have no complaints.

That said I have no complaints about this film, the girls have always been some of the best in the bizz at the 'epic mess' film. And this is a good one funny and sexy in equal measure I heartily recommend it.

I won't say Jilly had it coming but I sure am glad she got it.

"Loved, loved the concept! Please do more barrel submerges!"
maritenya  1/2/16

Loved, loved the concept! The only nitpick I have is the barrel is probably too small for her to fully submerge under so hopefully use a bigger barrel like a 55 gal. next time. Other than that I liked the build up throughout.

I hope you girls expand that a lot more maybe introduce a bit of a Houdini element like handcuffs, a bigger barrel, and maybe close the lid with her inside since it really reminded me something Houdini might do!

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