This Little Piggy Strips and Gets Messy Joi
Starring the following model:
"I strip for you, put on a piggy nose, cake sit, pie and slime!"

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Date added:9/27/16
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In this one, I strip down for you, sit on cakes, give myself pies and do jerk off encouragement with nothing but a piggy nose...because this little piggy wants to get dirty! I had so much fun doing this and I used the name "Clay" in this scene to make it more real by using a real name while i encourage you to keep playing with yourself and asking you how much you like everything I am doing. I start off in some yoga wear and red lipstick and slowly strip down each piece of clothing, asking which one you would like to see first. I then grab a huge cake and tease you relentlessly before i sit on it hard rubbing the cake all over my ass and pussy! I turn around and sit on it facing you and rub it even more into my pussy constantly making sure you are still stroking your cock and having a great time with me I tell you the story of how this little piggy each time I am giving myself pies for example "this little piggy is going to get a pie sandwich" then " this little piggy is going to pie both her titties" The pie sandwich is awesome because it covers my whole head with just my piggy nose sticking out! I rub all the mess all over my body while i sit back down on the rest of the cake, making me tremble. Then, this little bad piggy grabs a heaping bowl of bright blue batter slime and i pour it all over my body, rubbing it in everywhere, making damn sure you are loving it and enjoying yourself. I ask you if i can now roll in all the mess all over the floor...because that is what naughty, dirty piggies do! So, with your permission, i proceed to roll in the floor and even push around some of the mess with my piggy nose I get in some naughty little pig positions rolling around and I decide its time for this little piggy to pie her ass! I grab a big fluffy pie and pie my ass, with an extreme close up and everything else covered in mess you can see my just my pink pussy through the mess as i jiggle and twerk the tin off my booty. I then get back up and decide that I bet you wanna finish off seeing me pie myself in the face with my piggy nose one last time before you get off. I tease you with the pie under my face until blam! I Hit myself with it causing me extreme pleasure and I hope you too ;) this was so fun to do because it was something I have never done before and it was really fun to play the sweet (but not so sweet) little piggy, getting myself completely messy, rolling in it and having the time of my life being so naughty!
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"Perfection. A must-have."
BSWAL28  3/17/15


Ok, this scene is amazing. Jayce is so hot, and her instructions to the viewer while she is getting herself messy is so arousing! The "messy piggy" scenario is HOT and she really starts to play it up as she gets more and more messy. Seriously, as Jayce warms up to what she is doing, this scene just absolutely you should, if you enjoy sexy girls messing themselves up and talking you through an amazing stimulation session. Just. I am blown away by this scene, so so so good! Excellent custom executed to perfection as usual. Get this one! Do it! Do it now!

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