Hunter Boots Last Mud of 2017! Deep Sinking Mud!
Starring the following model:
"I play in super deep, thick mud, submerging tons in my hunters, nude!"

Today was the last day OF mud for 2017 so I went out with a bang! Finding a deep, thick, super awesome mud spot to do head stands, submerge my head over and over in deep mud! I go topless and play around in just my blue jean shorts and my hunters for a while, doing hand stands, then trying to do more but the mud is SO deep and SO thick, once i have mucked it up, it is hard to do anymore tricks! I strip down nude to nothing but my boots bc honestly, i was scared to lose them in that deep mud! big boobies, pussy and ass all out for everyone to see, I lean back and let the mud just take my head under and bring my legs up to the surface in a splits position...if i had a tube, i could have stayed in that stretched position way longer! it felt so good under the mud! it was cool down there, totally encased, dark...just beautiful...this video was fun, sexy, cool, all of the above! .

File count:1
Total size:765.79 MB
Runtime:12 mins, 58 secs
Scene ID:24910

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