Jayce 120 Lbs. Peanut Butter Madness! W/orgasm
Starring the following model:
"Jayce in bikini then nude with pourable and stiff pb!"

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Total size:739.36 MB
Total runtime:24 mins, 4 secs
Date added:9/26/16
Scene ID:17530

There is really NO Way to describe this Amazing Wamming other than Holy Shit. It was a labor of love melting down two of the gigantic buckets of peanut butter, took us about 5 hours. We left one bucket as is for the last of the messing to just take huge chunks of insanely thick pb, untouched and cover my face and body and also, to have in the mix below me in the bin i was in that captured all the peanut butter for me to play in! Which Was A Fantastic Idea, Yay ME! that peanut butter felt so good on Everything. It realy appealed to my whole "encasement" fetish i couldn't hear anything pouring it over me, it was so thick, so creamy and the more i got on me, the more aroused i got. I Had to get fully nude to feel my pussy on this stuff and rub it on my tits. First, i used all the pourable stuff, I had my camera guy pour some on me first adn then i took charge it was beautiful. So heavy on my hair, just coating me, layer by layer. then after some fun, taking my bikini off and just showing off some, i decide to take one bucket of the melted and start to head dunk in it. That is when i got Really Turned ON and started playing with my pussy while i was head dunking over and over, the mess so thick and heavy i was having to brace myself to pull my head from the bucket...that did not keep me from playing with my ass and clit enough to get a nice orgasm while i was in there After that, more peanut butter. I was happy, just had an orgasm and it just got Insane! the amount of it was just, Wow. you have to see it to appreciate it. the caps do it NO Justice. all i can say is, that this being one of my last releases...i am so glad i did it. even with the clean up and prep taking All Day, Morning Till Evening. i would do it again in a heartbeat. so incredible. so sexy, made me so fucking horny and was just something i am really glad i did and really, i am just really proud of i hope you love it as much as i did...i dont see how you wont! it is so rad! love you all! xoxo
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"This will satify that wam craving. Accept no more substitutes."
Viking  4/18/16

This is the single greatest wam video anyone has ever done. Jayce is absolutely perfect in this video. The coverage could not be any more complete... The consistency of the peanut butter, and the way it sticks to her is perfect. Some warm and runny, some room temp. plenty of head dunking and gasping for air through the thick slop. I give this a 10/10. Easily my #1 favorite video on here. All time. Jayce... Keep producing content like this.

"24 minutes of peanut butter perfection!"
WritesNaughtyReviews  3/25/16

I love this video. I love everything about this video. The peanut butter is super thick and heavy, and it looks amazing flowing over Jayce's face and body. Her commentary is surprisingly outstanding too. Jayce describes exactly how it all feels as she rubs generous handfuls of thick, sticky, warm joy into her tits, her ass, and her face. The head dunking is mind-blowingly hot, and those from-behind close ups of her playing with her peanut butter pussy will make you want to jump through your screen and dive in with her. I could just keep listing things that I love about this video, but the time you might spend reading it would be better spent seeing the video for yourself.

"This was Peanuts! 11/10"
pbnut  3/19/16

This was the hottest thing I have ever seen. How on earth did you manage to melt so much at once? I just wish you had started with the unmelted and slowly covered your body to build up the payoff, slowly working up to your face and then going in for the head dunk. Anyone who is wondering if they should buy it, stop wondering and purchase this right now. Overall the best WAM video I have ever seen. Please keep the PB scenes coming

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