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"Jayce gets messy for a good cause in this awesome chocolate!"
tenchi2004  12/25/16

We have to love Jayce, she likes helping people and this ''fun''draiser, helps people and she gets to show off her great body covered in chocolate! Everybody wins!

"Good preview of Jayce's Mystery Substance"
Richard6  12/25/16

In the first half of this video, Jayce, wearing a leopard bra, red corset and shear stockings, pies herself in the crotch and on her butt with five pies. In the second part, Jayce removes the corset and pours a chocolate trial mixture of her Mystery Substance over her face and hair. She smears it over herself and repeats with a second pour.

I'm not that much into pies so my main interest in this video was Jayce's self-gunging with the new Mystery Substance.

"Great scene of Jayce sticky with nutella and treacle"
Richard6  12/25/16

Jayce strips and begins smearing nutella over her legs. She turn her back to the camera while she smears her butt and then faces the camera while she smears more nutella over her boobs and arms. Jayce then pours oil on her head and works a mixture of the oil and nutella into her hair. She then smears her face with nutella. Jayce then lies on her back and continues to smear the nutella over her body. She pours some black treacle over her face and then sits up and continues to pour more treacle over her boobs. Jayce smears the mixture of nutella and treacle over her front and over her butt. The final part of this video shows Jayce outside being washed off with a garden hose.

"Decent video of Lux (Jayce) bound to the wall and pied."
Richard6  12/25/16

Lux (Jayce) is sitting on the floor, nude. Ariel tapes her arms to the backdrop. Ariel, who is topless, pies her repeatedly.

A good series of pie hits, although the pie filling could have been thicker and worked into her hair.

"A good gunging with treacle and caramel"
Richard6  12/25/16

Jayce strips to bra, panties and socks and sits on the floor with her hands tied. Black treacle is poured over her face and hair. She smears the treacle over her body and legs, and into her hair. With her hands now untied, she turn around with her back to the camera while caramel is drizzled on her back. Jayce turns to face the camera again while more caramel is poured over her head and face. She removes her bra and smears treacle and caramel over her boobs. Jayce then lies on the floor, first on her back and then on her stomach. She sits up and smears her boobs again. This is followed by a pie sandwich. She continues to smear the mess over herself, and the panties come off. She puts a banana in her mouth while still more treacle and caramel is drizzled over her. Finally a large bowl of either whipped cream or shaving cream is poured over her.

"Great messy hair video!"
Richard6  12/25/16

As the title indicates, this video is mainly about Jayce pouring melted peanut butter over her hair, and then shampooing in Lots of thicker peanut butter and syrups. Jayce's face remains mostly clean for approximately the first half of the video. I really like scenes where the model's hair is thoroughly covered and saturated while her face is still clean. Don't worry--her face does get covered in the second half of the video. Jayce is topless in this video, and in the latter part we see the peanut butter and syrup mess smeared over her boobs.

"Awesome video must have!"
flyboy  12/17/16

I love this video. It had everything I loved. The way she dances and the great panty shots before they get messy. Awesome!

"How to WAM a friend? It's a Messtery, no more!"
Methos20  12/14/16

Having watched this video, I have come to the conclusion, I am not a fan of the mystery substance. However, I feel I may be in the minority and if you are a fan of the mystery substance this is a great video for you. Even if you don't like the mystery substance, there is plenty to enjoy about this video. Firstly, Jayce as per is smoking hot and by the end of the video you see her amazing boobs in all their glory. Secondly, there is a lot of pie play, cake sitting and cake grinding in this video which is very very hot. Thirdly, for feet fans (again, can't say I'm one of them' this video features a girl on girl messy foot massage, which I imagine, as I said not my thing, is pretty damn hot. Finally, this video is just shy of 25 minutes which is amazing value for money for what you get. Overall, although there are elements that don't personally appeal to me in this video, the sheer hotness of Jayce and the bits that I do like far outway any negative and make this a good purchase. If you're a foot fan or a cake grinding fan of a mystery substance fan this is a must for you collection, in my opinion.

"One from the vault."
Methos20  12/14/16

In this video Jayce's cat certainly gets the cream. Most people being presented with a room full of pies exiting a shower would grab a fork. But, Jayce has a much better plan. Jayce pies her pussy in every position conceivable and if that wasn't enough she also masturbates whilst doing it. The climax of the video, pun very much intended, see Jayce finally pie her self in the face whilst cumming, which is a real treat. Jayce looks amazing in this video and although, the coverage is very localised, some people might have wanted to see pied boob etc. this is a really good video and is a must for Jayce fans and pie fans will enjoy it too as well.

"Ah, Sit on it!"
Methos20  12/14/16

Pros: Jayce's hair and glass give her a different look to some of her videos. Jayce has a great time maturbating on the cake and this is very hot.

Jayce manages to make a lot of mess with not a lot of cake. If anyone is a fan of messy redressing then this video features that.

This video feels different to a lot of Jayce's other videos and that uniqueness helps the video. Cons:

The only mess in the video is cake, so if you like heavy coverage or a variety of mess then this video might not be for you. Overall, I'm normally a fan of more mess, but Jayce is so hot and has so much fun with these cakes that I can't help but enjoy these videos, so even if cake sitting or minimal mess isn't your thing I'd say give it ago it is good value for money and you might find you like it.

"The Naughty list is filling up like Jayce's pants"
Methos20  12/14/16


The scene is nice and long so you get good value for money Jayce looks good as always. If you're a fan of pies or panty filling this is for you.

Jayce masturbates with her panties off which is incredibly hot. There is some head dunking for fans of that.

Cons: Given the title might have been nice to have some sort of Christmas theme.

Would have been nice to see Jayce's boobs. Overall, this video is very hot and Jayce continues to impress with he videos. A must for any pie fan!

"Jayce had chills and they certainly multiplied."
Methos20  12/14/16

Pros: Jayce looks amazing.

The little striptease at the start of the video is very sexy. The mess is very, very cold. The acting, if you can call it that because the stuff is top notch.

Jayce is tied up in this video, although only lightly so any fans of that will enjoy this video. If you are a fan of humiliation then you'll love this video. Although there is a man in the scene, he is fully clothes and doesn't detract at all. Cons: If you prefer messy wam only then you might not like the amount of showering in this scene.

Also, because of the milk and water, a lot of the messy/eventually all of the mess is washed away. Overall, this is a top video worth every penny.

"Cosplay WAM"
Methos20  12/14/16


Jayce shows off her acting skills pretending to be nervous about Wamming. Jayce however isn't acting when she is masturbating. Jayce looks really cute in the outfit.

The type of mess used is in keeping with the plot of the video ie. sweet stuff and pies for a first timer is probably more realistic than beans or savoury wam.

Video is quite long and gives good value for money in that sense. If you like Cosplay you will like this video massively, especially if Esquestria (I have to admit I have no idea who or what that is.) is your thing. Cons: Personally, for me it would have been nice if Jayce's amazing boobs had made an appearance in the video Again, this is more personally, the costume didn't do anything for me. Overall, this is a good video, if you like masturbation in your wam or you're a sucker for cosplay and wam mixed this will be great for you. I'm pleased I bought this scene but it isn't one of my favourites.

"Dirtiest maid you'll ever meet"
Methos20  12/14/16

Pros of the video:

Jayce's outfit is amazing, I'm not a huge fan of French Maid outfits, I can take or leave them, but Jayce makes this one look amazing and the lingerie is also great.

There is a great mix of the types of mess used. There is also a mix of delivey so if you like cake sitting there is some of that if you like, pussy pieing its it there and many other application methods. Natural masturbation, no faking it here! This video is over 30mins long that is exceptional value for money.

Cons of the video:

Finding faults with Jayce's videos is often hard but I try to think of at least one thing that could be improved or I would have liked to see. For this video, I just can't find one. If you're a fan of Jayce, French maids, masturbation, cake sitting and hitachis buy this video, you won't be disappointed.

"Everything is better with a friend."
Methos20  12/14/16

Pros of the video:

Jayce looks amazing and her outfit is stunning. Jayce has a lot of fun with her hitachi and it is all natural.

There is a lot of mess and Ariel pouring the slime and throwing the pies means that Jayce is free to have fun. Ariel gets messy too, which was a bonus. A lot of mess features in this video so if you're a fan of lots of mess this is great. The video is set on a bed and although tarp and covers are used it looks more natural. This video features Jayce naked, what's not great about that?

Cons of the video: If I'm being picky there could be a greater variety of mess used. Overall, this video is great and if you like, nudity or masturabtion in your wam then you'll love this video!

"A Very Happy Birthday!"
Methos20  12/13/16

The Pros of this video: Unique premise--Don't think I have ever seen another video like it and if it does exist, it ain't Jayce Jayce--She is hot as ever in this video

Vibrator and masturbation--if that is your kind of thing then this video is amazing Length--This video is over the 20 minute mark so it is good value for money and you can 'enjoy' the experience. The Cons: If you're being really picky then maybe there could be a wider variety of mess used maybe some chocolate sauce. Overall I'd say this video is well worth buying if you're a sweet WAM fan, a fan of Jayce or just looking for a birthday treat.

"Insane amount of mess. If you're a savoury fan you must buy."
Methos20  12/12/16

This video is absolutely unreal. There is an unbelieveable amount of mess. This is a must for any savoury fan, Jayce ends up covered head to toe in savoury mess and totally naked. If you're a fan of someone acting arrogant getting their commupance. this is for you. If you're a fan of savoury mess this is for you. Head dunking, this is for you.

Nudity this is for you. I'm not a huge fan of what I call "blob messes" where the person being covered is unrecognizable and although that features in this video, it does take away from it. Jayce looks incredible in this video and she earns her title as the Queen of WAM and if she doesn't have that title she needs it!

"Watch Jayce get dirty in more ways than one."
acesandeights  12/12/16

Jayce has just outdone herself. She starts out in a sexy black teddy and matching hose. She slowly gets into the cold mud and begins to rub and writhe in it, all the while telling us how good it feels. She tells us that she is in a contest with Ariel to see who can be the dirtiest. She completely covers herself in the wet mud. She then begins to strip until her teddy and panties have been removed. She plays with 3 different toys all the while getting more and more turned on. She cums several times all the while telling us how good it feels. The best part for me was when she sucks the big muddy purple dildo getting mud in her mouth, she sticks her muddy tongue out to show us how much she enjoyed it. Jayce is expanding her boundaries into more hardcore sexiness. Would highly recommend you purchase this video you will not be disappointed.

"Jayce gets really, really down and dirty"
hooter  12/9/16

Do you like your wam dirty or Dirty? Do like your models dirty or Dirty. Well look no further my friends, as Jayce delivers. X-rated versions is still rarity for Jayce to release as they're very personal scenes. The clay is a perfect match for this as it highlights every bit of her sexuality, both physical and personal. Catch it while you still can.

"Another fantastic mud video from Jayce and Ariel"
mhalver  12/8/16

This is an excellent mud video from Jayce and Ariel. Coverage is great, and Jayce does a good job of acting humiliated once she is drug into the mud pit. Ariel does her usually great job of dominating Jayce, even forcing her to take mud into her mouth in several occasions. By the end of the video, Jayce is stripped down to only her panties. The focus is on Jayce in this video, and Ariel stays mostly clean throughout.

The quality of the video is exceptional as are most of the videos produced from the House of Mess. Although it is filmed with an apparently stationary camera, the shot is well-framed and nice and tight so that none of the action is missed and very little screen space is wasted on background. If you like mud videos, and like humiliation in your wam videos, this is definitely one that you will want to pick up.

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