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"Two fabulous foamy ladies."
Another fun filled foamy romp. I had a good time watching the girls cover each other and themselves in all the foam. Made me want to get in there with them. I highly recommend this one to any fan of the foam. A must get. FoamyFremen, 3/16/18
"Classy lady in classy colourful clip"
You know a clip is going to be great when she starts off looking phenomenal even without gunge!

The sexy stockings and heels are an instant attention grabber, and Jayce makes sure to show them off throughout the show in a variety of positions which allow the varying consistency and colours of gunge to fall so elegantly. As each layer falls the different colours interact and coat the aforementioned sexy outfit. The bright studio lights really show off how wet and slippery that gunge is.

It's quite clear that Jayce is having a really good time during this- and I do love to see that kind of emotion in WAM videos. All in all I highly recommend this. Facesitting_Fan, 2/13/18
"Pretty much seventeen minutes of non-stop excited giggling."
There are reluctant first-timers. There are nervous first-timers. There are models who decide within half a second of the gunge hitting the top of their head that they never want to do this again. Nikko is none of these, and takes to the slime with all the noisy enthusiasm of a puppy discovering how much fun it is to chase a tennis ball. If she doesn't return for more scenes, I'll be immensely surprised. If you like to see your models squirm in suppressed disgust, maybe give this a miss, but for excited, nude, slimy wriggling and giggling, I can't think of a more exemplary scene off the top of my head. Houghten, 2/6/18
"Does exactly what it says on the pie tin"
Unless the premise of the video is specifically a deal-breaker for you (ie, you prefer to stroke your cock without being told how, you require a video that refers to your clit instead, or you can't stand that Jayce stays clean throughout the whole video), then you'll almost certainly find this hot as hell. Jayce gets into the swing of things with glee and I for one can't help but be infected by it. Houghten, 1/27/18
"Jayce at her sensual best"
This is one of Jayce's best clips for sure. She is her most intimate here and keeps you interested for a whole 40 plus minutes. Her coverage is just right and the quality is perfect. Jayce makes sure we see everything. The plus for me in this is I think Jayce has beautiful feet and I love when she shows them off in her videos. There are some great views of them here so her foot fans will love this too. I envy Ariel for being so lucky to have sucked on those toes. I understand why she does it every chance she gets. So purchase this one. It's well worth the time and money. annmargretfan75, 1/4/18
"Awesome pie faced ass eating."
Another very erotic video from Jayce.

Her pieing her bitch and getting him to grab, lick her ass is just wonderful. Jayce has a great body and as she does mention a couple of times an ass to worship. There was a moment where I thought Jayce had turned in to a "bop it-fetish" Grab it! Lick It! Hit it! ;-) darkduck, 1/3/18
"Gloved custard fun!"
This a very erotic video. To start Jayce looks amazing the catsuit and gloves! She then uses her teeth removed the seals on the Syrup bottles and starts to pour, this the then followed by the titular custard.

This video is very erotic, Jayce has a very dirty mind and voice too :-)

I cannot say too much more apart from if you like pouring, custard, gloves, messy catsuits then check this video out :-) darkduck, 1/3/18
"Awesome total coverage!"
To quote Jayce "Holy fuck, holy shit, fuckin hell this mud is amazin." So is this video. If you like a dirty girl gettin dirty, then buy this video. You won't be disappointed. acesandeights, 1/1/18
"Seriously, stop reading this and just buy it."
Anyone who hasn't got this scene yet owes it to themselves to get it before it disappears forever. Rarely has anything made me wish I was there quite so much. Houghten, 12/30/17
"So hot and amazing!"
Guys I can't even express how fantastic this is. The substance is perfect and so are the ladies. I am totally in love. There needs to be a rating here like for five above excellent. 100 out of 10. I can't get over the thick and heaviness of the substance, they really get across what it feels like to be covered in it. Love you Jayce and Ariel! CandyCustard, 12/30/17
"5 Outta 5: Holy Shit!"
There have been some video on here where the screenshots they give you before purchasing the video give you high expectations that the video itself doesn't live up to, and leave you feeling a little disappointed in the end. This is not one of those videos!

If you think it looks good based on the screenshots here, then trust me: it's better than what you expect. Based on the explicit title, it's exactly what you think it is and even better when you watch it.

Now, granted the non-sale price point is a little steep and might detract some potential buyers, and I fully recommend taking any generous sale opportunities that Jayce gives you if you're interested in this scene. But let me tell you, if you decide to purchase this video and you don't find yourself immediately aroused in some way, then wipe yourself off man, because you are dead! MarioFan64, 12/24/17
"A seriously fun, foamy, and sexy romp."
Wow, what a fun vid. The only way it could have been better would be if I could have been playing in there with you, so much foamy fun. This is a must get for any foam lover, 20+ mins of foam fun. If you love foam and enjoy Ariel and Jayce's work than you have to order this one. I humbly volunteer to be designated foam sprayer. FoamyFremen, 12/22/17
"Ariel in a Gorgeous Gown Plus Savory Mess is Always a Win"
There's not much more I can tell you about this video that the preview pictures don't already say to be honest but I will give it a go. The first thing been my god how gorgeous does Ariel look in that gown if you like silk/satin outfits messed up like me, then this video is an easy buy for you coupled with this outfit is the choice of mess been used which been savory adds to the scene greatly with Ariel defiantly not caring one bit about the grossness of the slop, she has being doing this a while so she has been there done that in terms of messy substances.

So what can Jayce do about this? Well for fans of cloths destruction the answer is obvious. Cut up Ariel's lovely gown leaving her naked and tied to the chair for even more buckets of savory slop to come her way and pies to boot, shame really because Ariel really looked stunning in that satin gown & almost to go to get trashed. With that done you have Jayce gloating about the smell and mess she is making of Ariel, in all honesty if you like seeing a women getting back at another with lots of savoy stuff and are into cloths destruction as well as silk/satin outfits you should have already bought this video by now.

As for the quality of the video and sound recording, this video is up to the normal standard of a Jayce and Ariel clip which is to say the least great consistent quality and no qualms here from me about it. One of there best in my opinion but that's just because I'm a big fan of silk/satin outfits getting trashed so I might be a little biased. mikey25, 12/21/17
"This video leaves me breathless"
This is really sexy and dirty mud video from Jayce one of the best scenes she has ever done if not the best. She starts with sexy lingerie and decides to have some fun in mud. She covers herself with it. She gets nude and has some fun with her toys. She cums hard many times and and just enjoys the feeling of the mud and orgasms. Jayce gets really naughty in this video wich is really great.

This is a must buy to everyone who likes Jayce and naughty mud fun. You really should buy this video you wont regret it. Desamo, 10/29/17
"Jayce makes messy sexy striptease"
Jayce does sexy messy striptease and she has great outfit for it. Music starts to play and Jayce starts her striptease. She removes her clothing while covering her body with white glue. When she only has white stockings and white thong and white bra she starts to cover her body with black paint and feathers. She goes in the floor and takes rest of clothes off until she is nude while she rubs more black paint to her body and more feathers fall to her body. She then gets up and covers her face with white glue. She looks so hot at the end.

This video was very sexy and I wasnt disappointed. Buy this if you like messy striptease. Desamo, 10/29/17
"Jayce has hot messy morning"
Jayce is getting messy with pies, whipped cream and slime. She has black shirt, panties and socks. First she covers her socks and panties with whipped cream then she starts to cover her face and body with pies and slime. Slime looks very good and its not too thick. She takes then her shirt off revealing her great big tits. She then covers them with more slime. At one point she takes her panties off so she is naked. She loves this slime and so does the viewer. At the end Jayce does encore wich was very nice. This video was very sexy.

I recommend this to Jayce fans and all slime fans its really good. Desamo, 10/29/17
"Jayce+mud=pure sexiness"
Video starts with Jayce telling about the mud scene how it went and interesting stuff. Then we see Jayce with great dress in her mud spot. Its beautiful place and mud is so good looking. Jayce starts to rolling in the mud and her dress gets all muddy. She covers her face and hair with mud. Then she takes her dress off and covers her curvy hot body with that great mud. She rolls in it and just enjoys it while being naked. Overall this is really good and sexy mud video.

I recommend this video to all Jayce fans and mud fans. This video doesnt disappoint. Desamo, 10/29/17
"Jayce loves mud so much"
Jayce is naked in thick silt mud. She is in public but she doesnt care and why should she? She just wants to enjoy the feeling of this wonderful mud. She rolls around and covers her whole body with this great mud. She gets off and moans in pleasure. She loves this mud so much it drives her so horny. This is 5 minutes of pure mud pleasure. This video might be short but its absolutely worth the price and its one of the best mud videos I have seen. If you love Jayce and mud buy this video asap! Desamo, 10/15/17
"Jayce enjoys her foam mountain"
Jayce is wearing great pink nightie and panties. She then jumps to big foam bed and starts to enjoy it by covering her whole body in foam, rolling and taking her top off. Jayce loves foam and so do I. Jayce looks so good when is covered in foam. This is really good foam video and I recommend this to everyone who likes Jayce and foam. Desamo, 10/15/17
"Amazing foamy video!"
Jayce wrapped in an incredible amount of foam and Ariel enjoying it... both cute and exciting and sexy!

Please watch the competition of foamy angels. Jpwam, 10/2/17
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