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"Home alone fun!"
Jayce again proves she is a real Wammer with this movie. Its a simple set up. She is home alone, and wants to get messy, and she does! Getting messy in every crack and cranny on her body! ItsJay, 12/16/18
"Mud we havent seen for years."
This mud is like the mud classic Messyfun uses or mpv! This is the gold mine of mud pits. The stuff we dream of discovering. Jayce is unrecognisable at the end. The way she dunks her head and sinks into the gooey goodness is mouthwatering amazing. ItsJay, 12/16/18
"Amazing ladies, amazing mud! What's not to love?!?"
A three-babe pileup in the mud that's every bit as amazing as you'd expect it to be! There's a bunch of fun, sassy back-and-forth, and they put on a good show acting disgusted, but these lovely ladies are definitely not shy about getting into that thick, creamy mud. It doesn't take long for all three of them to get completely covered. The lingerie comes off soon enough, and the glistening goo looks intoxicating on every inch of them. The ladies roll around, wrestle, and pull one another into plenty of faceplants, but the climax comes when Jayce takes a huge handful of mud and smashes it right into her wide-open mouth, then slowly spits it out. The first time I saw her show off her mud-covered tongue after that, it sent me right over the edge in a big way. I love cueing up that moment when I want to indulge one of my filthy fantasies, and it's never a disappointment! If I haven't convinced you to add this video to your collection yet, then I give up on you. You're clearly a lost cause. WritesNaughtyReviews, 12/12/18
"WAM fetish permanence at its best."
I have long been of the opinion that the sexiest part of a woman is the top three inches. I.e the brain. Her style, attitude, lack of inhibition that sort of thing. Now Jayce has this by the bucketful. She enjoys performing and it shows.

As well as that, of course, she has a stunning body.

If you want to see a really good WAM fetish performance artist at the top of her game then this an excellent video for you. I cannot recommend it too much. She strips naked and coats her gorgeous body in a generous layer of thick, sticky marshmallow. Then, we get the second part with repeated head dunks in buckets of marshmallow cream.

The result is a beautiful woman reduced to an unrecognisable mess. Encased. Engrossed. This is not play acting, not roll playing. Not pretending anything. Just a wonderful performance by a WAM fetish star. I love it. Splosh Lover, 12/11/18
"The adventures of Dixie in buble gum"
Another video from marchallows. This time in the performance of Dixie. Dixie sweet model with cute disguise. The outfit fits perfectly with her sweet look. The color is good, perfect for her.

A sticky release ideally adheres to her body. Under the influence of temperature it becomes sticky. You can see that Dixie is trying to fight the sticky substance, everything glues, the braids are drawn.

Dixie slowly but surely puts on successive layers of mass. It starts with stupas. and goes up, ends up on the face. The last thing he can do is try to wash the mass off himself.

The only thing that can be accused of this film is too little gummy. Sweet dixie should disappear under the gummy layer. luklukluk15se, 12/11/18
"The video you need to see."
I've seen many marchallows videos, all of them are great, but your video is unique because you have an idea for a movie.

You play the body well. You are confident and you are not afraid of being rude.

A good movie is not just buying materials and turning it around.

The film requires a sacrifice and a senator and an idea and yours are great.

I like it very much like layer by layer, you change into a slick girl.

You look interesting how you make a bubble in a bucket. I see that playing in this movie gives you joy. You like how sticky and sticky you are. You should make more of such films, everyone would be happy. I will add that I like the quality of the film. The film is shot professionally. The better the quality of the film, the more you can see. luklukluk15se, 12/10/18
"A playful and fun mess"
Jayce and Dixie are as playful and fun as always, looking amazing covered in a variety of wonderfully messy substances. Never a disappointment when you've got these to playing around together. I have a particular weakness for when Dixie is covered in mess and looks at the camera and smiles. Seeing the two of them playing around down on the floor at the end in the ample mess is so much fun. The only disappointment is not being in the middle of all of it with them. :) clue1, 12/9/18
"Dixie experiencing an amazing shampoo"
Now this is my kinda shampoo. The always-sexy Dixie rubs a wonderfully large amount of chocolate syrup and melted peanut butter into her hair, completely immersing it in the materials. So cute with a spectacularly thick and messy hair treatment. Thanks for being such a great messy victim, Dixie. :) clue1, 12/9/18
"Swimsuit filling. You can't go wrong with that."
These two crazy ladies do their best to fill their swimsuits as fast and as fully as possible. Who wins?

The audience! Even though Dixie hasn't done this as long as Jayce has, you couldn't tell. She's really made herself comfortable with Jayce and Ariel. deadpool, 12/4/18
"Some of the best muddy faceplants you'll see anywhere!"
If you like watching beautiful women go face-first into thick mud over and over and over again, then you owe it to yourself to pick this up. Ariel and Jayce take turns pushing and pulling each other down, and each time it's an incredible full-on faceplant. Most of them are a drop straight forward from a full standing position. The thick mud clings to their bodies as they push themselves back up again and again, leaving some incredible pull-ridges on their faces and tits. Absolutely gorgeous. The ladies lose their tops pretty quickly, and by the six minute mark, they're both naked and completely covered in mud. Eventually, they give up on pushing one another over and do some amazing synchronized faceplants. Jayce especially really gets into it. I lost count of how many times she comes up from a plant only to slowly spit out a big mouthful of mud. It's well worth the price just for those moments alone. Seriously, stop reading this and get this video. Your cock will thank me later. WritesNaughtyReviews, 12/4/18
"Jayce has too much fun in the muck"
One of our favorite Midwest messy milfs goes at it again.

Jayce is dressed in some seductive clothes, while sitting by a muddy area. It was inevitable that she plays around in the slop.

The face plants alone are worth purchasing the video. They're amazing!

For the most part, the video is PG-13, for the first four minutes. After that, it gets nude and raunchy, and there's no problem with that. She even takes a bucket to gather some of the thick, creamy mud and fills it up, just to dump it onto her already slathered face. If you're into attractive women getting destroyed with mud, you can't go wrong with this one. deadpool, 12/2/18
"Simple, fun and sexy--there's a lot to like!"
This is, from what I can tell, a fairly new subgenre of wam wherein the model makes you get messy--I don't know how many other producers out there have done content like this, but since getting messy with someone is so much better than just sitting clean on the other side of a screen, I always love it when it comes along!

Jayce is great--she has that southern belle charm, and plays both the cheeky humiliation of you and also the disgust when she gets messy herself well, and she's of course hot as hell! I never believe for a second she's a model that just gets messy to make money--it feels genuine.

The set up is simple, I love how it compares the more fun game oriented style of wam with the sexy side, and the mess used is great as well--it's certainly not the biggest mess ever, especially for someone who gets into messes as crazy as Jayce, but that tartare sauce and ketchup/mustard pie sandwhich? Nice.

I guess if there's anything to improve on, I think the only thing I can really think of is maybe a little bit more variety in where the mess goes, and Jayce allowing herself to show off her great body. I would have loved some messy ass or feet shots, but that's just me. The only other thing is I would have loved it if it actually did all come down to chance. It is clear that the outcome of each round is preplanned, and you take four messes before she gets one! You still both get plenty messy, but I feel like it would have been great if it started off slightly less one sided, or Jayce didn't know what the outcome would be either.

That aside, this is still a great video. The joi at the end is super hot, Jayce manages to combine sexy and fun perfectly, and you actually do feel like you are there with her! I loved this scene, and I hope more producers give getting both model and viewer messy together in the future. Slopseeker, 11/27/18
"Sexy and sticky fun with an ending you'll never forget!"
This is absolutely incredible, and I can't recommend it highly enough. The first half features Jayce spreading the melted gummies and marshmallow fluff all over her body, and describing how it feels the whole time. There are a ton of great moments that show off how sticky and thick the mess is. It's fun and playful, but still very hot. Jayce's tone as she describes how it feels is just as sweet and sultry as the stuff she's playing with, and it will speak to your cock in a way that my words here can't do justice to. Even that pales in comparison to how hot and sexy things get in the second half. Those close-ups in the last five minutes will melt your face off and leave you in sticky ecstasy. Maybe not as sticky as Jayce, but that won't be for lack of trying. WritesNaughtyReviews, 11/26/18
"Fun and Sexy"
What can I say other than Wow! Fun and sexy, ending with a joi turning into mutual masturbation. Jayce walking you through how to use your mess, what mess to use. Just a fun video through and through and I haven't seen many/any others like this. HundredAcreWood, 11/23/18
"Cute chocolate covered Dixie"
So this is the first video i've watched with Dixie and she doesn't disappoint. She's fun and has some great reactions to the chocolate. Very nice coverage on her. This girl knows how to wear her chocolate. She also does some great head dunking as well as dumping a whole bucket of this stuff over her head. Amazing and the bonus shower footage is just as great especially for a naughty surprise from Jayce. Recommended. annmargretfan75, 11/22/18
"Vintage WAM style with a naughty modern twist!"
Pie lovers take note! The first half of this video is full of great tit-for-tat pie hits as Jayce and Ariel go back and forth. They both start out looking amazingly sexy, and it only gets better as the pies start flying. The piefight has a fun vintage style that will remind you of classic WAM. When they get down on the floor, though, things really heat up. There's very little I like more than seeing beautiful ladies playing with pies and covering each other in sweet goo, and this scene delivers that in spades! It just gets hotter and hotter until they're completely covered and rubbing generous handfuls of gorgeous glop into their pussies. Definitely something to see. WritesNaughtyReviews, 11/17/18
"The delightful Jayce and Dixie having fun"
While it's always fun watching Jayce getting messy, for me it's a special treat watching Dixie getting nice and messy. I'm also a big fan of one-piece swimsuits and clothes filling, so this was a nice treat. Nice and thick slime that was used, too. The twerking was a fun bonus, too. clue1, 11/13/18
"Jayce says "Best mud in years.."...and yes it is."
Jayce doesn't disappoint in this fun little romp in the mud. The best mud in years she proclaims, and I tend to agree. The consistency is spot on, not to thick and not to thin. And just who doesn't love wondering around in a mud hole wearing lingerie, who?

This here is another Jayce and her House Of Mess classic! hooter, 11/7/18
"I wanted to dive through my screen and into the mud with her."
How can you not love watching Jayce play in the mud? She wastes no time diving in headlong, and it's a treat to watch. The mud looks amazing and Jayce looks incredible in it. It's the perfect creamy texture, and there's plenty of faceplanting, diving, and bathing int it. I don't think it's possible to watch the mud coat and caress Jayce's gorgeous skin and not want to dive in with her. The only thing I would have added is a few dives and faceplants with her mouth open wide, but that may just be me (I can't get enough of seeing her spit out big mouthfuls of mud). Still, this scene is super hot and a ton of fun to watch. Definitely pick it up. WritesNaughtyReviews, 11/4/18
"Jayce Lane is in my ears and in my eyes."
It's no secret that I'm completely in lust with Ms. Jayce Lane. So it should come as a surprise that my review for this is rather sparkly.

It starts off with Jayce at this fantastic mud spot just off of the river. She sees some fragrant flowers and gets a little closer to get a whiff. Now, this is not your normal gritty grimy mud. It's silky smooth, almost like clay. She's a little hesitant because she doesn't want to slip and fall. Ms. Ariel offers her a helping hand, and just mercilessly pushes her in.

The sound of the plop is wonderous. Jayce gets up and finally smells the flowers. But this mud is quite slick and the pratfall effect comes into play several more times when she tries to stand, only to fall on her face.

She comes to the realization she's already trashed, and this mud feels too damn good. So she lies back, and really massages it in.

Several face dives and full immersion as you can see from the samples. I particularly love when she emerges and opens those big, beautiful, blue eyes of hers. Potatoman-J, 11/2/18
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