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"Foamy fairlies!"
Jpwam  5/28/18

Very beautiful girls Jayce and Nikko playing with a lot of shaving foam, it seems like a very innocent and cute fairies!

I want to see them forever! I strongly recommend this video!

"The most paint I have ever seen used in a movie!"
ItsJay  5/18/18

This proves both Jayce and Ariel are getting better with experience. This is the type of movie that made me fall in love with WAM. Its fun, experimental and messy! Both Ariel and Jayce love it. If you have to buy one WAM movie this month, buy this one. The shower scene is awesome. These women must get though a lot of soap!

"Great bubbly video!"
Jpwam  5/18/18

This is a very sexy video where Jayce plays with bubbles and shampoo.

Jayce is very cute and sexy when is covered in foam,This is strongly recommended for people who like bubbles and Jayce.

"Jayce and Ariel in a pool of paint together, need I say more?"
hooter  4/27/18

Jayce and Ariel do not disappoint in this latest romp. These two lovely ladies could make Bob Ross jealous with the copious amount of paint used. One can only imagine the hours if not days of clean up. I for one just wonder what it would of been like to get caught up in the middle of all that too. It is truly hard to pick one piece that stood out due to the fact there isn't a dull moment. Whether you enjoy metallic or bright neon they got it covered. ;) (pun intended). My verdict is highly recommended!

ItsJay  4/19/18

I have waited to see Kaydens return for a while, and as soon as this video started, it was like she was never gone. Both models have such a great time, and there are giggles all though the movie. A really good cheeky movie!

"Naughty Nutella."
ItsJay  4/19/18

It seems to be rare to see Nutella, peanut butter and cake batter used in videos these days, so it was a treat to see this movie pop up. The mix of the Nutella and the peanut butter is amazing. It looks so gooey and looks like it feels smooth as silk. The head dunking is amazing as well.

"She is so cute!"
ItsJay  4/5/18

Nikko is someone I already want to see again on the UMD! She clearly enjoys getting messy and does it all with a smile. This slime is very slimy stuff. The container she sits in keeps it all together, and the slime gets everywhere!

"Human smurf!"
ItsJay  4/5/18

This movie was the reason I subscribed to this store, and it is well worth every penny! This goo looks like the type of goo you know is too messy to touch, but Jayce gets naked and submerges herself in anyway. This must have took hours to wash off!

"Amazing with a great end surprise."
ItsJay  4/5/18

Watching this movie made me want to try foam! It looks so smooth and its the type of foam that does not wipe away easily. There is a nice gooey surprise in the shower at the end. You should but this just to see Ariel get messy, clean off and get slimed, just as she finishes her shower!

"Nice and gooey!"
ItsJay  4/5/18

As soon as I saw this stuff, it is something I always wanted to try! The slime in this is so thick and gooey. When Jayce and Ariel sit in it, you can tell the goo gets in...places you should never get goo! The best part of this is they get back in for more! I wish we saw more of this! I would happily subscribe to a website just with this stuff. "House of mysterious goo" sounds great to me!

"A new classic!"
ItsJay  4/5/18

This movie will remind you of Lenny and the PieVids era!

I do not want to give the plot away, but this movie has lots of fantastic pies. There are a lot of face, boob, bum and pussy pies in this movie! This could easily be on Pievids website. A awesome movie!

"Shockingly messy!"
ItsJay  4/5/18

This movie is amazing. Jayce starts all dressed and sporty, then soon gets naked. The big jars of Nutella look amazing. As soon as she dunks her hand in to get some out you can tell in her face she loves how it feels. She gets the Nutella and oil in every crack and cranny on her body! Then once she is covered, the black treacle comes out and makes things even messier. You have to watch this movie. This movie alone will prove Jayce is a born wammer. I am basing a future custom from this movie.

easter egg alert! If you pause at 14:43 the blob of Nutella Jayce dumps on her looks exactly like a dick and balls, haha!

"Amazing video! Worth the buy!"
AMWorigins  3/20/18

Two best friends who truly enjoy WAM! What more could you ask for? Loved their reactions to getting hit with the pies and the eggs. Loved the panty filling with the shaving cream! Shower scene was hot and even better with the sliming in the end!

"Truly loved the video! Loved every second of it."
AMWorigins  3/20/18

Absolutely loved the facesitting and cakesitting! Incredibly sexy and fun to watch! Glad to see Kaydens back on screen with Jayce! 10/10

"Another gem by Jayce. Great, sexy, video. hott!"
Viking  3/18/18

Jayce is arguably the queen when it comes to sloppy masturbation. This scene is nice and long. You are going to see plenty of what you'd expect from one of Jayce's scenes. Head dunking, submersion, Tits, ass, feet, pussy, and all her other lovely parts. She masterfully gets in the best positions to keep the dildo deep inside her while still being able to sink to the bottom of that purple goop. The purple goop is thick, and drips off of her in long, sticky strings when she isn't buried in the stuff. There's just so much to enjoy in this scene. She gives us multiple positions to enjoy, and really makes you feel like you're a part of the action. If you like watching a gorgeous girl fuck herself dizzy, in a big bucket of slime (of course you do.) Then this video belongs in your collection! Jayce sets the bar higher, yet again. This video is a solid 9/10.

"The best mud wrestling is here."
annmargretfan75  3/18/18

Just amazing. These three ladies are really loving this mud. This is the best mud wrestling you will see and those face plants into it are the best. I loved their reaction to each other all through the clip. My favorite thing that I have seen in any Wam clip is here and it's done by Jayce. She gets so into it that she takes a handful of mud and puts it in her mouth. Very sexy.

"A tit for tat scene with pies and sexy legs in pantyhose"
Jansson  3/17/18

Ariel and Jayce perform a slapstick scene here and boy, it's erotic. The messy action is a little restricted--just some pies. But the tit for tat action is building up suspense as well cause you're asking yourself what bum or face will be hit next. Jayce's silly responses and role play is great, while Ariel has to remain serious and severe...but at the end when the scene is over you get some great shots of both girls having fun. Never thought a scene like this could be this erotic. But the fact is that these ladies are having fun themselves and that makes all the difference. Ariel and Jayce have sexy legs too. In this scene you get some great views of Jayce's bum in pantyhose (eg when she's bending over) and at the end her skirt is ripped down. The only thing I am missing are a few more of this marvelous peeks.

"Hot messy action with Jayce and Dixie in hot Nylon clad legs"
Jansson  3/17/18

Messy fun with two hot babes. Jayce teaches Dixie how to get messy. The set up is straightforward, the story line as well, but then Jayce must have tried this before, 'cause the acting is so natural and spontaneous and with a lot of surprises like cake sitting, bum pieing etc. so things get hotter and hotter. There's some suspense as well, because while Jayce is getting messy, Dixie remains clean. You're just waiting for the other girl to get messy too and wow what an amazing pair of legs she has.

Yip, although both girl get messy from top to toe this video focusses on both girls' legs. Clad in sheer and semi-opaque Nylon their legzzz are amazing indeed, even more when getting messy. This is a video with a lot of mess and good acting too, it never gets boring. What I like most is that it's a very authentic scene, sometimes you get the feeling these girls are pieing themselves in front of you in your own living room. Just the thought is so erotic.

"Two fabulous foamy ladies."
FoamyFremen  3/16/18

Another fun filled foamy romp. I had a good time watching the girls cover each other and themselves in all the foam. Made me want to get in there with them. I highly recommend this one to any fan of the foam. A must get.

"Classy lady in classy colourful clip"
Facesitting_Fan  2/13/18

You know a clip is going to be great when she starts off looking phenomenal even without gunge!

The sexy stockings and heels are an instant attention grabber, and Jayce makes sure to show them off throughout the show in a variety of positions which allow the varying consistency and colours of gunge to fall so elegantly. As each layer falls the different colours interact and coat the aforementioned sexy outfit. The bright studio lights really show off how wet and slippery that gunge is.

It's quite clear that Jayce is having a really good time during this- and I do love to see that kind of emotion in WAM videos. All in all I highly recommend this.

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