Trashing and Slashing Ariels Gown W/ Savory!
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"I hijack Ariels scene and trash her w/ savory and rip her gorgeous gown!"

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I find Ariel doing a simple scene in a gorgeous evening gown w/ some pies and find it unfair bc i always get trashed! So, i hijack her scene, i bind her up and I start to lay on the savory substances! She acts like she doesnt care, she has an initial reaction to it but then just shrugs her shoulders like its amateur hour...shes been doing this a long time and i just want to really give it to her good! Each time I dump something on her, im hoping to break her and each time she squeals but then, she is like "oh, ive been covered in this bigs" I get madder and madder...Finally I see that beautiful silk dress that she says she can get clean...i grab the scissors and snip it right down the front and rip it all the way down! She cant clean it now! She is totally nude and exposed but, to Ariel, this is nothing! So I grab the rest of my arsenal and give it to her really the end, Ariel is heaving with all the mess I have given her...and she admits that the last few substances really got her good. I am pleased but she still states that she is going to get me some sort of revenge! I tell her hell NO! but...this is ariel! she may...but, I feel like I have done my part in atleast really getting her good with my mystery substance and a ton of molasses at the end, really encasing her! we used: ketchup

creamed corn


thousand island dressing


nacho cheese

blackstrap molasses

the mystery substance, extra thick and green gunge! and beans! oh, and to make it even better, i really got her good when i scooped up all the mess from underneath her into pie tins and starting plopping all that nasty stuff, mixed up, on top of her head a few times...that really cooled her jets! mwahaaha! payback is a bitch! I make sure to let her know how bad she stinks and to smile for the camera!
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"Ariel in a Gorgeous Gown Plus Savory Mess is Always a Win"
There's not much more I can tell you about this video that the preview pictures don't already say to be honest but I will give it a go. The first thing been my god how gorgeous does Ariel look in that gown if you like silk/satin outfits messed up like me, then this video is an easy buy for you coupled with this outfit is the choice of mess been used which been savory adds to the scene greatly with Ariel defiantly not caring one bit about the grossness of the slop, she has being doing this a while so she has been there done that in terms of messy substances. So what can Jayce do about this? Well for fans of cloths destruction the answer is obvious. Cut up Ariel's lovely gown leaving her naked and tied to the chair for even more buckets of savory slop to come her way and pies to boot, shame really because Ariel really looked stunning in that satin gown & almost to go to get trashed. With that done you have Jayce gloating about the smell and mess she is making of Ariel, in all honesty if you like seeing a women getting back at another with lots of savoy stuff and are into cloths destruction as well as silk/satin outfits you should have already bought this video by now. As for the quality of the video and sound recording, this video is up to the normal standard of a Jayce and Ariel clip which is to say the least great consistent quality and no qualms here from me about it. One of there best in my opinion but that's just because I'm a big fan of silk/satin outfits getting trashed so I might be a little biased. mikey25, 12/21/17
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