42 Bakery Pies+slapstick+erotic Pussy Rubbing
Starring these models:
"The Maid is sleeping w/ aristocrats husband, pies ensue, lesbian revenge"

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Total size:925.1 MB
Total runtime:37 mins, 31 secs
Date added:11/10/17
Year produced:2017
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the pie fight to end all pie fights! I have been sleeping with Mrs. Smiths husband...and she knows it...but I dont know that she knows. I have set up for this party that Mr. Smith asked me to tarp and get 42 huge bakery pies for! I dont understand the tarping but i just do as Im told...Mrs. Smith is a super snobby, aristocrat, who treats me as "the help" what she doesnt know is Mr. Smith has me as much more than that! I dont just sleep with him, he takes care of me! So, once she has had enough with my lying and I cant keep it in anymore, i laugh bc she found a video of us having sex, to which I think is awesome, because i think i look damn good IN IT! Mrs. Smith is enraged and picks up the first pie to start a war! We tit for tat with the meanest things, back and forth, about who is closer to Mr. Smith, who has the best tit job, we say it all! Finally, I start to question the tarp situation and Mrs. Smith lets it out of the bag that this isnt the first time this has happened! That there are no party guests and she has had these kinds of fights with the maids before...the tarp, all the pies, its all happened before and we realize! Mr. Smith is into this and probably has cameras on us! Me, being the younger, more "into trying new things" person decide that Mrs. Smith is pretty hot covered in all that pie... So, we say "fuck that dude!" and I show Mrs. Smith how to really have some fun with the rest of these amazingly, huge, awesome bakery pies! I show her to take one in the face and embrace it, I strip her down and pussy pie her, play with her clit and rub pie all up and down her body, licking her, rubbing her and rubbing her pussy and shes loving it! We give eachother ass pies and rub on eachothers pussies from behind, turn eachother around and continue to rub on eachothers clits, stimulating eachother wildly! Mrs. Smith seems to know what she is doing, or she is a natural because she is amazing at giving hard, awesome pies that make me squeal and slam into my pussy and ass! She then starts to do it to me, Slowly pieing me dressed and then starts to undress me! Giving me a three some! Pie to the face, tits and pussy and starts to rub on my clit too! We are now having some girl on girl action with all these pies and Mrs. Smith is hot AS hell and we are loving it! When we run out of pies, after slamming eachother with them and rubbing eachothers pussies, tits and asses...we decide to rub on eachothers clits at the same time before i grab Mrs. Smith and pull her legs around me and start to put my face into her crotch

there are a lot of screen caps but they do not do this super long video any justice! i had to stop putting them up bc there are so many moments i wanted you all to see but you have to just see it yourself! its the first time ever, ariel and i have gotten down like this with all these pies! message us if you wanna see something like this again...;) we loved it!
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"A new classic!"
ItsJay  4/5/18

This movie will remind you of Lenny and the PieVids era!

I do not want to give the plot away, but this movie has lots of fantastic pies. There are a lot of face, boob, bum and pussy pies in this movie! This could easily be on Pievids website. A awesome movie!

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