Jayce, Dixie and Ariel, Wrestle to Nude in Mud!
Starring these models:
"The girls wanted to play but ended up wrestling till nude!"

Jayce, Ariel and Dixie leave the club and go to play in the mud. The club sucked but it all started when Ariel shoves Jayce in face first as a trick and then all hell breaks loose! Jayce comes up and after ariel gets down to her sexy ass lingerie, Jayce pulls her in face first! Meanwhile, Dixie is laughing as we wrestle in her beautiful white dress and we finally realize it and pull her ass in! Face PLants! WE all start to wrestle, strip eachother nude, team up on eachother to get eachothers lingerie off, push eachothers faces deep in the mud, pull the others into the mud with huge splats, face planting right IN the mud! Get mud in our mouths and eventually all over our bodies! rolling around, fighting eachother, dog piling on one another so our nude bodies are fully muddy and rubbing all over eachother! Finally, Jayce says fuck IT! as she has gotten so many mouth fulls of mud, she grabs the biggest hand full of mud she can grab and shoves it in her mouth and slowly spits IT out! the girls are grossed out and amazed at the same time and give Jayce the arms up, because Jayce totally won...hah! The girls end completely covered in mud and have all got sore faces and fronts from planting and sore from wrestling eachother nude!

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"The best mud wrestling is here."
Just amazing. These three ladies are really loving this mud. This is the best mud wrestling you will see and those face plants into it are the best. I loved their reaction to each other all through the clip. My favorite thing that I have seen in any Wam clip is here and it's done by Jayce. She gets so into it that she takes a handful of mud and puts it in her mouth. Very sexy. annmargretfan75, 3/18/18
"Mud Lovers Dream"
This video is a mud lovers dream come true. Beautiful girls, sexy dresses, lots of dirty dialog, and absolutely awesome mud.These country girls really know how to have fun in the mud. Not one clean spot left on any of the girls awesome bodies. Jayce you are the bomb shoving that hand full of gooey mud in your mouth. Your outdoor mud scenes are the absolute best. acesandeights, 8/10/17
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