Hooters Girls Session With You! Pies and Cakes!
Starring these models:
"Hooters girls, Jayce and Ariel get messy for you with cakes and pies!"

So we are dressed in Hooters outfits and decide to get messy for you and with you! You get to pie us, we get messy for you, sit in cakes for you, smash eachothers faces in cakes...we smash your face into a cake, pie you! We giggle and fill eachothers hooters shirts and bras with loads of cake into our cleavage...we totally drop our shorts and hose and have our bare ass and pussy on display, one at a time and sit our pretty, clean ass and pussies into gooey cakes and totally trash our asses and rub all the cake up our backs and rub the icing all over our bodies! We give eachother the best pie sandwiches ever, one TO the ass and one TO the face! we slowly start stripping out of our clothes to do more pie action and then letting you pie us...we tell you to pie us hard! and you do! then we pie you more than once and pull your face into cake! We got super playful once the clothes started coming off, rubbing pie all over eachother and cake icing to create a beautiful layer all over ourselves, just for you to see...we are loving putting on a show for you...we love seeing your reactions after we pie ourselves and eachother...! its a huge turn on for US to do crazy stuff and watch how you react!

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"Great scene in a new genre of WAM"
I'm so glad you are moving forward with this genre. I love it. Hopefully many more like this to come. The possibilities are endless on this new twist. POV is not just for joi anymore! Congrats and great job. sploshcouple, 7/12/18
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"The best cakes ever!"
This is another fantastic scene from Jayce and Ariel. This is a great concept where the viewer is part of the session. Rather than just talking to the camera, we get involved. We get pied and it feels like we are actually part of the session. They pie the camera but doing it in a way where it looks like its us in first person. I am not sure what it is, but there is a fantastic cake sit at 07:33. Just watch how that cake oozes and listen to the squishing sound it makes. Jayce. If you ever read this, please tell us how you made those cakes, and please use more of them! ItsJay, 6/19/18
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