Gossip, Girls, Games, Slimings+Sloppy Socks!
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"Ariel and Jayce, in class, gossip and then play a quiz game and get slimed!"

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We are set in our regular classroom where we gossip and act like girls and then i want to take my shoes off but i am too embarrassed for anyone, especially my crush, to see my socked feet. Ariel steals my shoe and I am so angry! I want it back! i decide to sit in the floor with my socked feet showing and go back and forth with Ariel about other girls and our crush...

She decides to give me my shoe back, i will need to answer some questions, in regards to some other girls and my crush! So, I take up the challenge and actually start to show off my victorias secret "pink" socks...a little...then i lose the game! how?! how did i not know all that about my crush?! Ariel walks off and comes back with a bucket of slime and slimes my white shirt, leggings and especially my black and maroon "pink" socks! I am SO embarrassed and hope my crush doesnt see me like this...all the while we are trying to do homework on our laptops while we are playing in class...

I tell Ariel its her turn and she should take her shoes off to show off her socks! She has on black Victorias secret "pink" brand socks as well...She gets asked questions by me and does not think she will lose. She is very sure of herself! Well, she loses! I come back with a bucket full of slime and totally trash her outfit and especially trash her socks! i make her dip her socks into my slime and she loves her socks but now, they are completely covered in yellow slime! she is a mess! we are both a mess and are both so worried about our crush seeing us! totally covered in slime and our socks totally ruined!
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