Us Girls, Foam Unlimited, Frisky, Sexy and Nude!
Starring these models:
"Ariel and Me get nude, frisky and fun in over 75+cans of foam!"

Ariel and myself strip nude and rub on eachother sexy and playful in over 75+ cans of foam! We use the 32 gallon can and Ariel dives in it, submerges herself, becoming a blob of foam, then, we fill it up again and take turns pouring the foam over the top of eachother! Then we strip down in the foam, rubbing on eachothers tits, asses and rubbing our faces into eachothers tits, hugging and feeling the cooling sensations of the foam all over us...we playfully and sexy, rub ourselves, we pile foam on top of eachother, we wrap our legs around eachother and pull eachother around in the foam and keep on piling the foam on ourselves having a blast! its super sexy and SO much foam! foam lovers and guys or girls who like to watch girls rub all over eachothers bodies, will love this! ;)

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Total size:601.87 MB
Runtime:19 mins, 50 secs
Scene ID:25852

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"Excelent foamy video!"
Lovely Angels Ariel and Jayce enjoy and play with an unprecedented amount of bubbles in the past, The two sexy angels buried in foam are so beautiful, godly and lovely! I honor her who made this wonderful video. Jpwam, 5/28/18
"A seriously fun, foamy, and sexy romp."
Wow, what a fun vid. The only way it could have been better would be if I could have been playing in there with you, so much foamy fun. This is a must get for any foam lover, 20+ mins of foam fun. If you love foam and enjoy Ariel and Jayce's work than you have to order this one. I humbly volunteer to be designated foam sprayer. FoamyFremen, 12/22/17
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