Girls Day Heavy Petting, Super Messy+Sexy Shower!
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"Ariel&Jayce have the day to get messy, rub all over eachother+sexy shower"

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This was our fun day in! Smilfs (single mom id like to fuck) having fun getting crazy messy, stripping down, rubbing all over eachothers bodies, pussies, titties, and making a huge crazy mess getting out of our daily yoga wear, after we trash it! We then have fun pieing eachother, filling our panties with shaving foam, egging eachother, and then rubbing all over eachothers bodies while stripping eachother down. We continue to pie eachother with cream pies, I pie ariel in her crotch, and rub my face all in her pussy area over and over...i then grab shaving foam and make huge piles and rub it all up and down her body and in between her legs...seeing her legs shake from excitement! We get closer and closer as we continue to pie eachother, rub our bodies against eachothers bodies and get completely 100 percent covered in mess! ...we decide its time to take a dimly lit, sexy shower where we make sure to clean eachother off...and we make sure to use our hands to get all those "hard to reach places" and our hands linger there a little longer than they should we rub on eachothers naked and now, clean bodies, rubbing our pussies, titties and ariels beautiful ass! I remember i have a surprise for ariel after we have gotten hot and heavy in the shower...just for her, for our day to play! so, we are clean and i run out of the shower and tell her to close her eyes! i come back and blam! i get her with chunky, green, nickelodeon style slime all over her clean body! she is so shocked but, it was an excuse to help her get clean again and get to rub all over her again in the shower Super fun, funny but extremely sexy and heavy petting involved in our fun day!
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"Amazing with a great end surprise."
Watching this movie made me want to try foam! It looks so smooth and its the type of foam that does not wipe away easily. There is a nice gooey surprise in the shower at the end. You should but this just to see Ariel get messy, clean off and get slimed, just as she finishes her shower! ItsJay, 4/5/18
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"Amazing video! Worth the buy!"
Two best friends who truly enjoy WAM! What more could you ask for? Loved their reactions to getting hit with the pies and the eggs. Loved the panty filling with the shaving cream! Shower scene was hot and even better with the sliming in the end! AMWorigins, 3/20/18
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