Ariel+Jayce Tackle the Tub of Goo Together!
Starring these models:
"Ariel and Jayce tackle the tub of Goo together w/ pours, play, and dunks!"

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Date added:11/25/17
Year produced:2017
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nude, home alone and wanting to get messy the girls turn on the camera for you to watch them play in the tub of the amazing goo Jayce has created! They squeeze themselves in together after Ariel has her initial shock of how crazy the substance is, how thick and heavy and slowly it encases you! Jayce is pleased by the results so she gets in and the girls have some real girl time! Playing with the goo, grabbing handfuls and rubbing it over eachothers tits, winding the goo around eachothers boobs, bc it is so sticky and so stringy, that it can! pulling it up and starting to coat eachothers bodies but have their faces nearly clean and show off for you (the camera) they are having so much time and Ariel is loving the substance...the wrap their legs around eachother even closer to get some really fun heaps of this madness on eachother and rub it all in because, it is actually really heavy! the closer the better! Then the girls decide to move the camera back for you to watch them fill buckets and pour this heavy, shiny, awesome substance on top of eachother and watch it slowly ripple down their bodies. Ariel goes first and just like Jayce knew it would, it ripples slowly down her amazing body, jayce grabs the camera just so you can see even more up close on ariels body, how amazing she looks covered in it and how awesome it looks rippling down her already fucking smoking hot body! Now, its Jayce's turn and Ariel starts to pour the substance over Jayce and Ariel is in complete awe of how it looks, how it folds, ripples, and talks about it the whole time. She cannot believe how beautiful it looks, how heavy it is and how successful the slime really is when poured on. She talks about how it heaps on top of your head and slowly makes its way down...she loves it. she loves the look and loves it on her! After lots of Pouring the girls decide to get back in the tub, they have lost a lot of the substance to the outside of the tub but they dont care, they laughingly attempt to both submerge in the substance at the same time, squished together in this tub. You cant even see where Jayce ends and Ariel begins, their bodies are totally entwined and they are laughing hysterically at trying to get under. Ariel conquers! She gets under! Ariel decides to take Jayces matters into her own hands and grabs Jayce by her legs and pulls them up in the air, pulling Jayce under the substance and encasing her in it! The girls get up to show off their hair, which is crazy matted with this substance, their bodies, they hug, they rub on eachothers bodies to feel the substance and how it warms to your skin...Then they show off how crazy it was and talk to you about what they just did...they talk to you the entire scene but they are telling you goodbye and showing some of the crazy stuff that comes along with this awesome mystery substance! lots of laughing, sexy time, boob rubbing, seemingly scissoring (lol) and lots of pours and dunks!
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"So hot and amazing!"
CandyCustard  17 days ago

Guys I can't even express how fantastic this is. The substance is perfect and so are the ladies. I am totally in love. There needs to be a rating here like for five above excellent. 100 out of 10. I can't get over the thick and heaviness of the substance, they really get across what it feels like to be covered in it. Love you Jayce and Ariel!

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