Ariel Aids in Jayce's Orgasm with Hitachi Mess!
Starring these models:
"After stealing ariels hitachi, ariel finally comes around."

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Date added:9/26/16
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Jayce is clad in a beautiful white, sequined bra, white thong, and white thigh highs and has decided to steal Ariel (her roomates) hitachi and have some fun with the camera and a bunch of mess. She thinks she is home alone but ariel walks in and catches her in the act! Ariel is mortified! She cant believe she took her toy! Jayce is embarrassed but her asshole boyfriend has been such a dick, that Ariel finally, after some tit for tat, lets Jayce alone to masturbate with the toy. Jayce starts to go at it again and gets soooo close to cumming when ariel walks in again and reminds her to put it up when she is done! Jayce cant believe it! She was so close and ariel ruined it! The girls go back and forth until Ariel decides to pie Jayce with some of the mess Jayce has laid out and slime her beautiful white stockings. Jayce admits that the mess she made up for her fun, is also ariels...

ariel cant believe it! she walks out of the room again and jayce is actually happy that she didn't have to cover Herself in mess and begins to masturbate again with the toy. She is loving it. moaning with pleasure and decides to call on her roomate ariel to help her get all this mess on her While she masturbates with her hitachi. ariel has never seen jayce do this before and is reluctant but after jayce Begs, she finally does. She pours slime down her pussy while she is using the toy, Jayce is bent over and she pours it all over her ass while jayce feels it run down to her pussy with the toy. jayce undresses and keeps on while ariel keeps pouring slime over her head, pies her tits, face and ass while Jayce giggles with delight and moans with pleasure. Finally Jayce gets off Twice IN A Row! She says she is finally done but she needs to do one more thing.

She grabs ariel and throws her in the pool of mess formed in the bed and pours a bucket of blue slime all over ariel. she climbs on top of her and proceeds to pull her bra off, suck her titties, make out with her hardcore and they both roll in the mess, touching, rubbing, sucking, and loving eachothers bodies. She pies ariel in the face one last good time and grabs her and throws her down to make out with her again. Jayce got hers and so did ariel!
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cake123  1/1/17

Great idea for a scene, love the idea of the revenge messing! to start with jayce looks so fucking hot in that white lingerine adding pies and slime to the mix makes everything so much better! the gunge looks amazing, great colour to it and looks incredibly thick and gooey! As with all of Jayce's scenes she looks as if she is properly loving life making it even better for me to watch! When she pulls Ariel into the mess and plays with her just completes the scene seeing both of them in a big sexy gooey mess.

"Everything is better with a friend."
Methos20  12/14/16

Pros of the video:

Jayce looks amazing and her outfit is stunning. Jayce has a lot of fun with her hitachi and it is all natural.

There is a lot of mess and Ariel pouring the slime and throwing the pies means that Jayce is free to have fun. Ariel gets messy too, which was a bonus. A lot of mess features in this video so if you're a fan of lots of mess this is great. The video is set on a bed and although tarp and covers are used it looks more natural. This video features Jayce naked, what's not great about that?

Cons of the video: If I'm being picky there could be a greater variety of mess used. Overall, this video is great and if you like, nudity or masturabtion in your wam then you'll love this video!

"Sexy video from Jayce with some support from Ariel"
mhalver  12/16/15

As always, from the house of mess, the video quality of this one is excellent. The 720HD picture is perfectly clear. It is shot with a still camera, but the action is well framed.

Jayce starts out in panties and a bra playing with a hitachi, and looks very sexy doing it. After staying clean for a short while, Ariel starts to slime and pie her, and there is banter back and forth between the two of them throughout the video. Eventually Jayce loses the bra, and later on is fully nude.

At the end, after Jayce has finished playing with the hitachi, Ariel is pulled in to the mess as well, and loses her bra as well. She fully strips just before the video ends.

This is another very sexy video from Jayce. Although the action is mainly focuses on Jayce, both girls end up fully covered in slime by the end of the video.

Highly recommended.

"When Jayce has the Hitachi, fun will ensure."
hooter  11/20/15

Three little letters come to describe this latest gem Wow! Jayce stars us off clean and semi dressed and having a personal moment. Only to have Ariel walk in and catch her in the act. A very nice messing is applied by Ariel during Jayce's second "cummming." We are treated to an amazing ending that ends with Jayce pulling Ariel down into the mess that has been made on that bed. At this point many a fans dreams are now right before their eyes. Jayce and Ariel on a messed up bed and there's a Hitachi....... sign me up. :)

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